Find a Copy

Find The Metropolitan
You can pick up a newspaper at more than 60 locations on Auraria and at select businesses in urban Denver. No need to break a sweat. We also keep a library of e-editions.

On Campus Location List

  • Tivoli
  • Student Success Building
  • Administration Building (1st floor, IT Office & Urban Connections)
  • 7th Street Building (East Entrance Lounge)
  • Parking Services
  • King Center (South Entrance & North Entrance)
  • Plaza Building (East & West Entrance 1st Floor & SE Corner Stairwell 2nd Floor)
  • Rectory Building
  • PE Building (West Patio Main Entrance)
  • Library (1st Floor near Café)
  • Arts Building (East, West & South Entrance)
  • West Classroom (1st Floor & 2nd Floor Student Lounge)
  • Einstein’s
  • Central Classroom (Main Lobby & Journalism Office)
  • Technology Building (East Entrance)
  • South Classroom (South Entrance, Starbucks & Student Lounge)
  • Science Building (Student Lounge & West Entrance)
  • North Classroom
  • Campus Village (Entrance & Cyber Café)
  • Hospitality Department (East Entrance)

Off Campus

  • MSUD Center for Visual Arts (965 S Santa Fe Dr.)
  • Brooklyn’s (901 Auraria Pkwy.)
  • Regency Student Housing (3900 Elati St.)