Paris in Denver

In 1951 An American in Paris hit the big screen and became an instant hit. More than 60 years later the classic show is back for a new Broadway production.


“We think of this has a classical movie but we’ve reinvented it and it’s no longer just like an old movie that we think about. It’s a brand new vibrant big show. I think everyone can appreciate,” said Christopher Howard, the show’s dance captain.


‘An American in Paris’ follows a soldier after World War II as he decides to not come home and live in Paris.


“So the beginning of this show is sort of dark and grey and oppressive. And as the show goes one, especially in the second act it gets brighter and more vibrant and that is because of the growth of the story and the growth of the country,” said Nathalie Marrable, a swing in the production.


The true highlight of the show though is the dancing.


“Christopher took it a step further and said well we can really further the plot really further the story by using our bodies as a medium,” said Howard.


In addition to some breathtaking dance the lighting design was perfection.


“Our lighting designers have come up with incredible projections in the way that there done and the way there designed, visually stunning it’s really worth a look,” said Marrable.


‘An American in Paris’ is now playing at the Buell Theatre through March 19.

Author: Avery Anderson

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