Denver Snow Possible

Denver could see another shot of snow this week, actually two chances.  The Mile High City could see anywhere from 3-8″ with these next two system combined.  The snow total range is still pretty large because the second system is still four days out.  However, we do know that Denver will see snow this week including the mountains where they could see almost up to a foot and a half.

Colorado snow accumulation through Friday at 11:00am

Denver sees its first snow maker of 2017 from a low pressure system set up located over the junction of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado.  So, Colorado’s southeast corner.  With this low pressure system set up in that location helps to give us here along the Front Range an upslope event.  This is where the winds come out of the east, hitting the mountains to help cause the formation of snow.  Along with this low pressure system is a high pressure system that is located over northeastern Wyoming.  High pressure systems have a clockwise rotation, whereas low pressure systems have counter-clockwise rotation around the center of the low.  This clockwise rotation around the high pressure over Wyoming will help to filter in cold upsloping winds.  This is perfect for forming snow over the Colorado Front Range.

Low pressure and high pressure over Colorado on Wednesday at 6:00pm

With both high and low pressure systems taking their time to move out of our area, this will allow more snow to fall.  As far as timing goes, the snow should start to fall in the Mile High City late Wednesday afternoon into the evening.  The snow might start to die down come Thursday morning into the afternoon before starting back up again Thursday evening into Friday morning.  This is all due to the formation of a second low pressure system and one that is much stronger than the Wednesday low.  Again, this will help to filter in upsloping winds along the Front Range.

Low pressure system over southern Colorado on Friday at 6:00am.

The snow is not the only thing we have to worry about.  Cold temperatures are a concern as well.  Freezing temperatures will also help to keep Wednesday’s snowfall on the ground through Friday’s storm.  Denver could drop into the single digits to below zero come Wednesday night and last through Friday night.  Denver’s high temperatures will only reach into the low 20’s.

Colorado temperatures for Thursday at 5:00am.

This storm is still a few days out and is very easy to be subject to change.  Stay with us here at Met Media as we continue to update the forecast and give you the latest information.

For The Met Report – Student Meteorologist Josh Cozart

Author: Josh Cozart

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