Trans-students protected on Auraria

MSU Denver President Stephen Jordan issued a statement making it clear that the university’s non-discrimination policy will still protect transgender students regardless of the federal decision that was recently made.


CU Denver senior Emma Christian who works at the LGBTQ office in Tivoli 213 said that she is frustrated with the new directive regarding transgender rights because it will directly affect her and her friends. Photo by Lauren Cordova •

On Feb. 22, President Trump withdrew federal protections for transgender students. The decision is now being left up to the states. There are still many questions to be answered and LGBTQ students on college campuses across America have expressed concerns about their rights.

On Auraria Campus, there are Human Rights Campaign volunteers trying to get students to sign up and commit to helping defend the LGBTQ community and keep them safe.

Alexis Kincaid, a HRC volunteer, had a lot to say about the Auraria Campus and how the LGBTQ community seems to fit in.

Kincaid said she thinks the LGBTQ community is widely represented on Auraria campus. The diverse study body, the availability of resources for LGBTQ students and the eagerness from students who want to sign up with the HRC are indicators of this.

“My goal is to make sure the LGBTQ community has a powerful voice that is heard,” Kincaid said. “There are a lot of people on the Auraria campus who share the same goal as me. I am happy to say that me and my fellow volunteers have mostly had support from the students and faculty on this campus.”

President Jordan wasn’t available for comment but pointed to the statement released for more information.

His statement reassured students that the federal action will have no impact on MSU Denver’s commitment to support and protect transgender people on campus. The importance of diversity at MSU Denver is reiterated in the statement, explaining that the university is a place where we can all be respected and represented.

Trevin Billinger, an MSU student, has been experiencing the effect of the decisions made by the government since day one.

“The federal decision regarding trans-students makes me extremely upset. I am not trans, however I am a part of the LGBTQ community and it feels like we are all being attacked,” he said. “I mean, we just recently got granted the right of same sex marriage in 2015 and now it feels like we are going backwards. I’m very scared that my rights might be taken away again.”

Billinger said he feels lucky that he can turn to the resources on campus.

“I think that our school does a good job in providing resources to the LGBTQ community,” he said. “MSU Denver has a very diverse population and I have always felt welcome and supported.”

Billinger plans to combat hate and discrimination that the community faces through conversation and volunteering and encourages everyone else to do the same.

Author: Erika Foster

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