Tokin’ with Tolbert: Bussing around the 4/20 bazaar

Denver is the pioneer city fueling the marijuana industry. The hoopla surrounding the 4/20 stoner holiday seems to grow every year from the annual Civic Center Rally to more unconventional events like a cannabis-friendly church and pot themed wedding expos.

As marijuana becomes more mainstream, the commercial aspect will continue to be excessive, but I would be remiss not to highlight the cannabis tours put on by a plethora of savvy companies in the area.

My 4/20 Tours is a trailblazer providing the ultimate ganja experience throughout the city. Familiar pit stops at a dispensary, grow house and glass blowing seminar are just half the fun.

An extension of the tours is World Cannabis Week and the 4/20 Bazaar. Co-organized with dispensary partner Buddy Boy Brands, the Bazaar is the highlight of World Cannabis Week and is the beginning and end location for all tour buses. The festival-like event featured 38 vendors, food trucks, a live DJ and plenty of swag and giveaways.

Because the tours can be taken year round, 4/20 weekend is the only time you can also attend the Bazaar while having the chance to ride on numerous marijuana shuttles. This has been what’s made World Cannabis Week unlike any others.

“Our special sauce is the 420 Shuttles that take riders on a weed-centric journey through Denver,” said Cynthia Ord, communications manager at My 420 Tours. “Other events have smoking lounges, but on ours it’s actually this fun to tour through the Mile High City multiple times. Nobody else is doing anything like it.”

One after one, buses returned to the Bazaar, each with more smoke rising into the air as a long line of weed-lovers waited in anticipation and excitement.

More than 6,000 marijuana fans attended the two-day event, which meant that having the typical number of shuttles wouldn’t nearly be enough for the weekend.

“We rented out all the party buses in town,” Ord said. “In addition to the fleet of 10 that we were using for the 4/20 Shuttle Route, we were also operating our usual tours and experienced this week at about three times the normal volume. This week is definitely ‘high season’ at My 420 Tours.”

The attendees were able to choose which dispensary they visit by picking which bus to get on. The Green Solution, Buddy Boy, Native Roots, LivWell and LiveGreen were all options.

For those who chose not to jump from bus to bus, of course the Bazaar served as a great hangout spot.

One vendor who particularly stood out was The Stanley Brothers. They are a sister company of CW Hemp, the creators of Charlotte’s Web, a cannabinoid strain that helps child epilepsy patients.

Where the Stanley Brothers differs from CW Hemp is the products that’s sold. Both companies are owned by the five Stanley brothers, but the namesake company also sells THC products, not just CBD and hemp.

Bussing“The CW journey has led us with the hemp side away from the marijuana crowd so now for the first time ever, we’ve ventured back into it,” said Brandon Miquelon who is the director of sales at Stanley Brothers. “A lot of our products are the same as CW Hemp with the tinctures and vape pens, just ours has THC.”

Everything from art collectors to weed transportation services to edible companies could be found at the Bazaar. No matter who you were, disabled or able, old or young, all types of people showed up for World Cannabis Week showing the diversity of the marijuana culture.

“Events like World Cannabis Week, to me, are a glimpse at the future of how legalization can look in more and more places,” Ord said. “It’s a celebration of a culture and a plant that has the power to benefit so many. It’s exciting to be shaping that landscape and helping create what the above-ground cannabis scene is becoming. It’s a historic moment we’re witnessing here in Denver.”

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