Theatre Corner: The Nance, a work of art

There are only a small handful of pieces of art and literature that are able to impact someone on such an emotional and profound level. That is why when those pieces are discovered you must cherish and hold onto them. The Nance is certainly one of those pieces.

The Nance

Warren Sherrill as Chauncey Miles in the Edge Theater’s production of The Nance. Photo courtesy of Rachel D. Graham Photography

This Tony award winning play opened at The Edge Theater Company and lost no power and emotion during its transition from Broadway to Denver. The regional premiere has just as much love, sadness and life in it as one could hope for.

The main character, Chauncey Miles, is a gay man who plays a homosexual, or Nance, in his vaudeville act in a time when homosexuality was not accepted in New York City. As the show progress he is faced with the decision to either stop portraying this character or get arrested. Miles in the end chooses to stand up for himself and what he believes in.

Chauncey Miles is a complex man who wants to open up to the world and be a part of it, but knows he can’t for fear of what will happen to him. Warren Sherrill does this character justice. He is able to bring the strong and loud side of Chauncey while at the same time showing the subtleties of emotions that are trying to come through. Sherrill is joined by fellow Colorado theatre legend, John Ashton, who plays Ephram, the burlesque manager. His comedic timing is truly something to envy. It makes every scene perfect and keeps the laughs rolling even at the toughest of times.

The amazing women of the cast are jacks of all trades. Patty Ionoff, Emily Tuckman and Amy Gray portray women simply trying to make a dollar in the 1930s, while supporting their friend Chauncey. This production is top notch, between wonderful direction, perfect lighting and spot on costumes the entire show is a work of art.

The Nance is a profound show that every human being should see at some point in their lifetime. It opens the mind and soul while elevating the heart to heights that most theater productions could never dream of doing. This spectacular display of human emotion is only playing at The Edge until April 2. Tickets start at $28 dollars and can be purchased by calling 303-232-0363 or visit their website.

Author: Avery Anderson

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