Student presidential election heats up

Kicking off on April 11, the MSU Denver Student Government Assembly election week is in full swing.

Student GovernmentCampaigns began in late February and the final list of the candidates was released on April 3. The student government president helps make many crucial decisions regarding student funding and spending. Three students are finalists for the position.

Each of the students running for the position bring strong credentials as well as ideas.

Hannah Ho, a sophomore majoring in political science and minoring in speech communications, sees tremendous value in student involvement. Ho is a living example of her belief in community connections. She is a member of a local group The Denver Element and Auraria Campus based community club Transform Denver. These organizations are involved in inner city and LGBTQ communities. They build bonds between similar people by providing mentorships, healthy family environments and much more to encourage togetherness and development.

“My goal is to encourage more school involvement both in events to unify the community and in SGA itself,” Ho said.

Her slogan,“school, spirit and involvement” directly pertains to this aspiration.

Candidate two of the three running for SGA president is former SGA Senator Joshua Gardner. Gardner has been very active on campus; serving as treasurer of the Student Organization Council, pushing to reinstate the SGA radio show “The Rewind,” and co-chairing a campaign against interpersonal violence among students.

Gardner continues to show his ambitious nature toward the advancement of the MSU Denver community, saying, “I plan to build MSU’s visibility and credibility as one of the forerunners of higher education in Colorado.”

Gardner’s platform, “communication, accountability and community,” serves as the key point of what he feels will make this university an even better one.

The final of the three presidential candidates is Brittany Stewart. She promotes her ideology through her personalized motto “Open for Business.” Stewart sees college as a springboard for
students to land their dream job in the future after attaining their desired degree.

Stewart said that because internships prepare college students for their career, “I will work hard to bring more companies to MSU’s career fairs and internship fairs so my peers will have the opportunities they deserve.”

The presidential race, however, is not the only tight competition in this year’s assembly election. A total of three students are running for the Trustee Delegate position and nine are competing for the Senator position.

Voting ended on April 14, with the results and new officers announced on April 28.

Author: Jamel Jones

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