Sante Fe sculptor works to widen sidewalks with art

Artist Georgia Amar showcases new concepts behind her most current work to propose an artistic collaboration with the city of Denver.

Sante Fe sculptor

Multimedia Artist Georgia Amar (right) invites First Friday Art Walk visitors into her Habitat Gallery and Studio on Sante Fe Drive in Denver on Feb. 1. Photo by Karson Hallaway •

Multimedia artist, Georgia Amar, showcased her conceptual work featuring structures for the city of Denver at the Habitat Gallery and Studio on Sante Fe Drive for the First Friday Art Walk Feb. 3.

Amar has created art in the Habitat Gallery for 13 years and every first Friday, she’s one of many artist who open their doors to the visitors of the art walk organized by Denver Art District on Sante Fe.

As Denver’s patrons filter in, Amar takes the time with each exhibitor to talk about the concepts behind her most current collection, featuring steel-like sculptures resembling the basic form of a human figure painted by the medium oil on canvas.

Although the size of the sculptures will differ, the conceptual meaning behind the structures are meant to serve as a collaborative piece with the city of Denver to improve pedestrian life from an architectural and artistic perspective. Amar says her aspirations for the conceptual art work will, “improve the Art District and widen sidewalks.”

Despite the current renovations to improve Denver’s most congested areas, once a month festivals like First Fridays still results in heavy traffic along Sante Fe drive.

To combat high traffic areas the Art District is developing a plan to widen sidewalks to ease foot traffic from gallery to gallery. Amar hopes the work she showcases in this past Friday will flow fluidly into the city’s plan to improve city navigation to and from the art walk and that doing so will bring more visitors at a convenient cost.

As the landscape of the city continues to change, highly populated art centers like Sante Fe will become more creative and commercialized due to city planning collaboration.

The art walks on first Fridays are graciously open till 9:30 p.m. on Sante Fe Drive at the Denver Art District, and welcome well over 7,000 art lovers from the metropolitan area.

Author: Karson Hallaway

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