Putting the pro in procrastination

It’s the most stressful time of the year, especially for us students. The post-Thanksgiving blitz of project turn-in’s, finals and, of course, finding a magical stash of cash somewhere so we can get gifts for friends and relatives and deal with the holidays.

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But let’s all admit, we live for this. We thrive in this. We’ve known about these assignments since the beginning of the semester and we just let them sit there and fester. I definitely know I did. Now, with two weeks remaining in school, I’ve personally got a group project, a 10-page term paper, an individual project, a report, two online quizzes and a video/audio/website/article/ something-else-I’ll-inevitably-forget (thanks, Mahoney) all due.

Now, we’re all good students, let’s be honest. Every semester, we start out thinking we’re going to be doing our weekly readings by Monday night, study three times a week and do all of our projects progressively through the semester as we learn.

That never happens.

Instead, “Margarita Monday” happens, then “Trivia Tuesday,” we play catch-up on Wednesday for our Thursday classes, we celebrate catching up with “Thirsty Thursday,” a concert on Friday night is something we just have to go to, Saturday is our relaxation night, and it’s hard to study hungover on Sunday. Rinse and repeat for 14 weeks.

Then Thanksgiving hits.

Suddenly we become aware of all of these assignments and we all turn into little coffee-fueled stress balls sharing memes about never sleeping and being one more assignment away from just deciding to wash our hands of our degree. Due dates define your life, and you contemplate quitting your job just because it suddenly is robbing you of any chance you have to get some precious shut-eye between the projects you’re grinding through.

But you can’t quit because you need that cash so you can get your mom and dad fantastic holiday gifts and not be the shamed black sheep of the family that year.

It’s enough to drive anybody to an insane fit of tears, footie pajamas and 8 a.m. beers.

But let’s level for a second. Doing this brings out the best in us. Name a major project or assignment you’ve messily completed in less than 24 hours that you haven’t gotten an A or B on. The only one I can is a paper that I forgot my “Works Cited” page for, and the professor changed the 50 to a 90 once I apologized for the mistake and gave her the page.

So MSU Denver students, hear me:

We’ve already procrastinated. Now let’s put the pro in it. There’s two weeks left, let’s get that work done, turned in, and get those extremely undeserved A’s and B’s. Let’s raise our grades from the dead, somehow talk our professors into extra credit, and get ourselves through this grind!

If you need any more motivation, then just remember: beer tastes the sweetest at midnight on the final due date, and it’s the best remedy to melt the stress away after you save, print and close Word for the last time two Sunday’s from now.

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