Opinion: How Pornhub can fill the holes in sexual education

When a major pornography site is one of the most progressive sources for sex education, it might finally be time to talk more about sex.

Sexual Education

Sex Talk Update

Last week, Pornhub announced they were launching a new sex education service tied to their site.  The new subsite offers videos covering a variety of information on the biology of sex, STDs, safe  practices and protection methods for both men and women. At the same time, it offers ways to get in touch with professionals for advice on trying new positions or self pleasure devices, as well as better communicating expectations in a sexual relationship.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why would this be preferable to the more traditional methods we’ve relied on for sex education?

Simple: It embraces sex not only as a reproductive act, but as a pleasurable activity that can be done regularly and enhanced by communication.

Sex has long been a divisive and confusing subject for people living in American culture. Religion, politics and social norms all play major roles in when, where and how having sex is acceptable, to the point where something like contraceptive actions are a hot button issue. It leaves many feeling tense, frustrated and embarrassed while learning about the subject, let alone discussing it.

Sexual education courses taught in school don’t do much to help this either. Sure, that section on the biology of sex in middle school explains the different parts involved and why it’s necessary, but it doesn’t cover how to work your way around social and cultural norms. It does little to explain how you can talk about concerns or desires that will come up during sex or the steps one should  take when establishing sexual relationships.

That’s where Pornhub’s services come in. Being perfectly frank, almost everyone knows about pornagraphic sites, Pornhub especially. The site receives over 70 million visitors per week from across the globe, covering several kinks, positions and forms of sex and expressed sexual urges.

While the number of people who will seek out the sex education content versus basic porn won’t be even, the sheer reach gained by a site taking up this cause is a huge opportunity. It can help start up the conversation of what sex is in a casual context, and how both men and women can enjoy it.

Its capabilities as a tool educators can use is phenomenal as well. Clearly displaying key points of casual sex practices with videos starring actual people can supplement lessons and paint a clearer picture of the process. It can also explain the proper precautions needed to enjoy it regularly without the worry of accidental STD contraction or pregnancy, both in more traditional styles like  missionary or more taboo preferences like BDSM or anal play.

The same can be said of one on one talks given by parents. It varies from person to person, but many people who grew up in American culture are, unsurprisingly, uncomfortable talking about sex with their kids. It’s necessary now more than ever though, due in large part to the abundance of porn websites that could depict dangerous behavior kids can imitate and, in some cases, have.

Pornhub’s new services help clear up topics parents can’t properly explain.  The videos can better show what sex is, when it should be had and what healthy sexual relationships look like. Pornhub also has specialists who can answer questions for them or the kids involved, giving input backed by research.

Last but not least, it can help with communication in everyday relationships. Establishing kinks or boundaries can be difficult, but watching specially made videos could serve to ease the tension  and make both members more comfortable with their own sexuality. Past that, it could lead to reaching more fulfilling and pleasurable sex sooner.

Sure, there will be some kinks to work out. Porn is still a topic kept out of public conversation, save for when it causes a major issue or crosses legal lines. Past that though, it could start a  conversation sorely needed by people throughout the country.

Sex is a normal and pleasurable experience. It’s time we started teaching people as much.

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