New merit based dating app, The League, hits Denver

Dating apps such as Tinder or Beautiful People have been around for a while, but now a new self proclaimed elite dating app is here.


Denver singles enjoyed drinks and socializing on the rooftop of Avanti Food and Beverage. The League Summer Series made its way to Denver on July 20, 2017. Photos courtesy of The League

Overlooking an incredible view of the Denver skyline, CEO and founder Amanda Bradford and her team prepared for the first pre-launch party for their upcoming dating app, The League. Bradford and her team were on the back patio of the Avanti restaurant in LoHi. The party only permitted an exclusive group of Denver singles and complete use of the app before The League’s official launch in Denver on Aug. 1.

The League accepts a select number of individuals who tend to be the most wealthy and attractive in that city by using an application process that only selects the type of people that are in demand–the most wealthy and attractive.

“It’s a model that has never been applied to dating systems,” Bradford said. “The concept of application base community is new to dating. An application based on your merits is less about that we’re rejecting people or you’re cool and you’re not and more about users that are there for the right reasons.”

Hordes of Denver singles mingled with drinks. To break the ice, The League gave out game cards at the door where one must find four matching cards from other party- goers in order to get a free drink. According to Bradford, The League is very selective and helps its users save time and frustration. It’s application process considers background, education, career, ambition and social media.

“I always like to say we do the vetting so that you can do the petting,” Bradford said.

Bradford explained the complex algorithm behind The League’s process of elimination. In Denver, out of the 9,755 applicants on the waitlist only 2,004 became the chosen ones. If the demand for a certain type of person is high, then that type of person moves up on the list. For example, if the demand in a community is for thirty-year-old men with college degrees, than those men would move to the front of the list. Katie Orang, a member of the chosen 2,004, was on the waitlist for The League for over a year before her application was accepted.

The League dating app helps ambitious singles meet. Two Denver guests took a step away from their phones to have a conversation face to face at the exclusive party.

“The League is pretty tight knit and hard to get into,” Orang said. “It’s like the classier version of Tinder.”

Bradford’s team is in full support of the dating app. Meredith Davis was Bradford’s first hire when the app wasn’t even off the ground, nearly three years ago. Davis now runs marketing, launches, communication through press or customer service and project management. Davis describes The League as a members-only club with a killer single sale with a community of like-minded individuals who are ambitious, intelligent and want to connect with people like them.

“Many users have said ‘Hey I didn’t have that spark, but you gave me a really great date,’” Davis said. “We can’t promise that spark but we can get you closer to that point.”

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