Local start-up helps student athletes


Founder and head skills trainer Marcell Kelly started 5280 Dynamic Athletes in February 2015 trainning kids ages 11-17. He coaches multiple sports including basketball, soccer and volleyball. Photo by Trish Mortel

Student athletes can attest to the demand placed on them academically, physically and mentally. The persistence it takes to be successful in each area doesn’t always come naturally, especially if you’re working with children.

Marcell Kelly, an MSU Denver student and founder of 5280 Dynamic Athletes, started his non-profit after he noticed a lack of resources for young kids trying to reach the next level in their sport.

Kelly has experience training professional athletes such as Tiffany Hayes of the WNBA while earning credentials at some of the nation’s best coaching institutes.

“I have a bunch of certifications with USA Basketball Youth Development and Positive Coaching Alliance,” Kelly said. “Organizations like that go with my values of coaching in a positive way but still pushing the kids so they reach their maximum potential.”

5280 Dynamic Athletes caters to multiple sports and also provides a club basketball team for kids ages 11-17 wanting another opportunity at being recruited.

According to the company website, “Our facility will be open for players to come in and play a pick-up game of basketball, volleyball or soccer. We offer training lessons in each sport to allow our players to get to the next level.”

Each training session can be done individually, as a group or team. Prices range from $40/hour individually to $350/hour for groups. One lump sum can be paid for coaches wanting their teams to have additional training. Kelly also offers a free workout session for first timers and donations can always be made.

For Kelly, 5280 Dynamic Athletes has been a work in progress. His company has existed just over a year now and currently has seven student athletes that he trains consistently.

“In addition to learning and developing basic skills such as dribbling, shooting and footwork, Marcell also helped my son build his confidence and desire to play better,” said Sathya Narayan who is a parent of one of the student basketball players.

“He always looks foward to working with Marcell as he himself can realize how his game is changing for the better based on his consistent trainings with Marcell.”
These committed players are just one of the many reasons why Kelly started 5280 Dynamic Athletes.

“There’s late bloomers that club organizations and college teams don’t want,” Kelly said. “Like me. I was a late bloomer. When I finally made the varsity team in high school, we won state that year and I won the slam dunk contest.”

Not all student athletes are top recruits. Many of them struggle getting to that level for multiple reasons.

Among them are lack of financial means. Parents and their kids may not have the funds to afford club sports which can be expensive. Even academically, students struggle to balance classwork and training. 5280 Dynamic Athletes gives these players a platform to excel in their respective sport and in the classroom, something that Kelly didn’t have.

“That’s the reason I want to be the resource for these kids,” Kelly said.

But the start-up hasn’t always been something Kelly planned for. The idea came to him rather suddenly.

“One day I just woke up and had this weird drive,” Kelly said. “I thought ‘maybe you should start training players, maybe you should become a coach.’ And now I can’t stop.”

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