Kyle Miller pursues his lacrosse dreams

When it comes to any sport, many athletes take some pride in knowing how committed their parents are. For one Roadrunner in particular, having his mother be involved and passionate about the rising sport of lacrosse in Colorado makes him feel lucky.

Kyle Miller

MSU Denver junior and lacrosse player Kyle Miller competes against Colorado School of Mines on March 11. Photo by JJ Seaward •

Kyle Miller is a junior at MSU Denver studying marketing. He already has an interesting resume. In addition to playing lacrosse for the MSU club team, he is the owner of his own landscaping company
named KEM Landscaping.

“I own my own landscaping company, KEM Landscape, and I plan to grow that to a point where I can focus on other ventures like investing, real estate, clothing lines, and an fishing and hunting guide,”
Miller said.

Miller has had a lot of memorable moments in his playing career at MSU Denver, but one moment stands out above the rest for him.

“My favorite moment at Metro was scoring my first collegiate goal my freshman year against Regis,” he
said. “It was a man up goal where I shot from the right side and scored top left.”

Kyle’s favorite lacrosse program is the Denver Pioneers. He began attending their games and immediately fell in love with the sport of lacrosse.

“I started going to games when I started playing back in 7th grade and they were always exciting to watch,” he said.

The Roadrunners club lacrosse team has improved every season since Miller’s freshman year. At one point this Roadrunners team was the worst team in the nation, but now they are one of the best, coming in with a preseason ranking of 16 in the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Association. Every year the team has gotten some new talent and they feel as if they have something to prove each game to repair their reputation.

The team’s biggest rival is the Montana State Bobcats, a team the Roadrunners have not been able to defeat. The Bobcats have had the Roadrunners’ number in every match. With this in mind, the Roadrunners hope to qualify for the playoffs, but that will mean taking on the Bobcats again. They play the Bobcats again when they travel to Montana on April 15 for the last game of the regular season.

Miller’s interests are not limited to his pursuits on the field.

“My favorite thing off-season to do is go to concerts and go camping and fishing. I love the outdoors and
I love music,” he said. Since discovering lacrosse, Kyle attended lacrosse camps all over Colorado to increase his skills and allow him to play the sport that he loves.

Throughout Kyle’s career with the Roadrunners, his mother Dianne has contributed by supplying photos throughout the game. She started out photographing Kyle when he was playing club lacrosse, but she did
not know a thing about the sport, making it just about impossible to get quality pictures. However, as
time rolled along and Dianne was able to watch more of Kyle’s games, she fell in love with the sport, too.
Once Kyle hit high school, Dianne was able to film his high school team and then followed him to MSU Denver.

Dianne started out her website as a Facebook page intended for Kyle and his teammates in ninth grade.
Kyle set it up so that his friends and him could communicate and talk about their games.

At the end of 2013, another website approached her about writing for the Denver Outlaws and the Colorado Mammoth, having seen her pictures.

“I was approached by another website the end of 2013 to write for the Denver Outlaws and Colorado
Mammoth for the simple reason they loved my pictures,” Dianne said. “From there on, I became more in
love with the game, and since Kyle has been playing lacrosse missed only a handful of his games.”

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