Kid Cudi: Passion, Pain & Demon Slaying

As a die-hard Kid Cudi fan, I have always admired how unique and distinguished his style can be. His past albums have shown his audience how he can easily transform himself musically in any way he wants. Early in his career, Cudi was known as a hip-hop artist. As the time passed, this Top 5 Billboard sensation developed his skills and showed the world he could do more than simply rap. He soon decided to become a singer, songwriter, record producer, guitarist, music video director and film composer. Since 2008, Cudi has released several albums and in between those years quite a few mixtapes.

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi performing at the 2010 Sasquach! music festival. Photo from Flickr.

In 2016, he released the album “Passion, Pain & Demon Slaying.” The album was soon a trending on social media. It was recognized for its high number of plays within the first week. Cudi’s album sold 24,000 copies in a week and was named 11 in the Billboard Top 200. It’s safe to say this album caught the attention of listeners just like me. The first time I heard this album, I was sitting at home and it was a moment of love. I instantly knew he had done it again and the feeling was amazing. From “Frequency” all the way down to “Surfin,” the beats make you feel a special way. Whether you’re cruising around in your car, relax or getting “hype” with your friends and following that Coloradan trend of “smoking it up,” Cudi delivers.

I went with the first option and decided to go for a late night ride to a friend’s house. We sat in the car listening to each lyric, each beat and part of the song. Throughout the whole album Cudi maintains a unique and steady musical beat, making that his signature. However, the lyrics are what truly make a difference when listening to the album. Each song has a different meaning behind it, which explains the different parts of his life and his journey and Cudi switches it up 19 times throughout the album.

Going from a sort of alternative rock to a straight hip hop/indie album is one of the many talents this artist is able to share with his fans. The variety of artists who are featured on this album also plays a huge role in the amount of diversity that is shown within each songs.

Truly this album is one, if not the one, of my top 5 favorite albums ever. I would recommend it to anyone who ever wants to have a chill night, day or simply wants to be in a great mood throughout the week. This album will surely do that for you. Keeping it different and real is something you can always expect from the Great Cudi the Kid.

Author: Andrea Herrera

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  1. Kyle ketcher  March 15, 2017 at 9:50 am

    He didn’t have Chip on it. So as a cudder fan I’m upset that he didn’t show Cleveland


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