Kakawa Chocolate House: Taste of heaven in the land of enchantment

Bittersweet chocolate is one of the main things that attracts the customers here at the traditional Kakawa Chocolate House in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The only one of its kind in the nation, Kakawa Chocolate House specializes in Mesoamerican Chocolate.

Owner Tony Bennett and front manager Julayne Farmer inside of the well-known chocolate house in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Sept. 15, 2016.
Photo Andrea Herrera • aherre38@msudenver.edu

It is similar to hot chocolate but flavored with spices and chili rather than sugar. Eyes sparkle as customers roll through the door. As they bend over and look through the shiny reflective glass, where nearly 300 kinds of chocolates lie, their excitement shows. Like that of a ten year old.

Having a hard time choosing which one to buy is part of the excitement that you experience here at the original chocolate house. Choosing between goat milk cheese and Mexican spiced chocolate is one of the hard decisions that you come across in this very well-known traditional chocolate house. Allowing their sense of smell to run wild and free is probably one of the reason you see customers with their nose up to the ceiling, sniffing up the air trying to figure out the different sort of smells.

Some of the customers at Kakawa seem at peace, reading from their book as they enjoy the light that comes in from that right side blue window. Others close their eyes, noses bringing in the smell of homemade sweet coffee. Now, not all of it is silent and sweet at Kakawa Chocolate House. Kids run
wild around the tables and chairs as they dodge one another waiting for their samples to be brought out.

On the wall is where the Kakawa Chocolate Coffee is set up. With over 50 different coffee flavors to choose from, the stand starts from one side of the store continuing all the way toward the end and
diving in the middle where the hallway to the kitchen entrance begins. Starting with the Mexican vanilla coffee and ending with the honey and cinnamon flavors, Kakawa Chocolate house serves it all. Underneath the coffee stands lie four chairs and two traditional glass table from Cuernavaca, Mexico. Here people converse as they wait for their order of chocolates to be brought out, or wait for the queue to shorten from a long line 15 people deep.

From the moment they open the doors in the morning til closing time the chocolate house maintains a well-run business filled with happy customers throughout the day. As they leave with their hands full, their belly’s about to burst and their throats cleansed from all the spices the customers in Santa Fe share their last laughs with the employees and owner of Kakawa Chocolate House. That is until they come back for more; which by the looks of it in this small town will probably be within a couple of days. Especially with the great customer service.

Author: Andrea Herrera

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