Goldspot Brewery hosts beer rollout for equality

Goldspot Brewery hosted an event that invited equality on an uneasy inauguration day.


From left, Matt Hughes, Kelissa Hieber and Daniel Ramos speak to the crowd at the One Colorado event at Goldspot Brewing Co. in Denver, Colo. on Jan. 20. Photo By Karson Hallaway

While many groups have been opposed to the election others have been vehemently for it, this brewery decided to do something different.

“It’s interrelated, but not directly,” said Event Coordinator and Brewer Kelissa Hieber. “We aren’t concerning ourselves with rhetoric.”

Hieber, her coworkers and the owner decided to hold an event that has now spanned to multiple breweries. The proceeds are intended to help an organization which Trump opposes. The other breweries include Brewability Lab, 3 Freaks Brewery, Black Sky Brewery and Ladies Justice Brewing Company. The organization that Kelissa and Goldspot Brewery’s owner Matt Hughes decided to help was “One Colorado,” a nonprofit that serves people in the LGBT community.

Goldspot Brewing Co. owner Alex Sward and brewer Kelissa Hieber help raise money with the states largest advocacy One-Colorado on Jan. 20. Photo By Karson Hallaway •

Kelissa and her coworkers stated that while the event started as something spite fueled, it became part of a solution to the bigger problem.

“The progressive movement has done a bad job of reaching across the aisle,” Hieber said. “We would rather focus on positivity versus personal feelings.”

At the bar, there were copies of the mission statement for the event that read “We believe in an America that celebrates diversity, an America that protects and supports anyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religious views or immigration status.”

The rest of the statement continues to be clear about using art to raise awareness rather than take to the streets.

Hieber’s mission is to further the goals of the LGBT community and One Colorado, which has been on the front lines of the gay rights movement.

For this event, Heiber and her coworkers crafted the beer, Makin Noise: A P***y Riot, with the intention of creating something sweet tasting and to give a nod to the Russian anti-Putin rock band. A dollar was donated from each sale to One Colorado. Hughes spoke about his decision to organize the event in the first place.

“I have friends that may not be represented by the current administration,” he said.

While the conversation among the patrons did get political, it remained civil. One of the patrons spoke very passionately about why President Trump was elected and his various frustrations to the fact, but it was all in a civil manner and meant to be taken as such.

On the day of President Donald Trump’s inaguration Goldspot Brewery held an event in support of One Colorado, a nonprofit that serves the LGBT community on Jan. 20 in Denver, Colo. Photo by Karson Hallaway •

People from all walks of life came in to have a beer and support the event. Hughes continued to talk about the inspiration for the special beer, saying that a member from Pussy Riot called the brewery to thank them for their efforts. This group was imprisoned and released for their protest against Russia’s current anti-LGBTQ legislation.

While the day was somber for some, proud for others and tense for most, Goldspot Brewery decided to take an alternate route with the intent to bring people together in a divided nation.

“It shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It’s a people issue, and it’s the right thing to do,” Heiber said.

Author: Matthew Plimpton

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