Review: The Filharmonic concert

Courtesy of Sheenan Olsen

The Filharmonic. Photo courtesy of Sheenan Olsen.

When a musical act raises energy in an audience through their vocals alone, they have achieved a certain degree of talent.

With the absence of any type of instrumentals to carry the weight of one musician over the other, each person in a vocal ensemble carries an equal amount of power.

This was revealed in full force with The Filharmonic’s performance at Johnson & Wales University, January 19th.

The vocal pop ensemble, which consists of seven Filipino teenagers, entered the national spotlight after winning NBC’s “The Sing-Off,” that resulted in a national tour and a feature in the movie “Pitch Perfect 2”. The Filharmonic are no strangers to delivering the exciting type of stage presence you’d expect in a popular pop or hip hop group.

When the lights dimmed and the curtains were drawn, the seven singers immediately jumped into tight, choreographed dances, beginning with a cover of Nick Jonas’s “Chains.”

One of the first impressive aspects of the performance was the group’s exemplary technique of dividing harmony between each singer. While they proved to be naturals at dividing pitch, the true spectacle was their execution.

The group came through with some originals as well as covers, including their hit single off their new album “Motown Fillie,” which featured flashy falsetto harmony from V.J. Rosales and Joe Caigoy.

Next, the group jumped into the song “Flashlight” from the soundtrack of “Pitch Perfect 2”.

The Johnson and Wales performance marks The Filharmonic’s first show in their first large scale national tour.

“We are very excited to be here. This is a very special night for us because this is our first stop on our Get Up and Go tour, which will be our first official big tour around the country,” Jules Cruz said.

Excitment radiated from each of the seven singers.

“I’m definitely excited to go to the places that we’ve never been to before,” Caigoy said.

The group ended the night with two more originals from their recent album without ever breaking a sweat. Each one of the singers urged every member of the audience to get on their feet and sing along with them.

With the charm to match the talent, it was hard not to go along with their likeable stage antics. Between their wide array of singing techniques and their lively stage presence, The Filharmonic successfully delivered a memorable performance for students and faculty alike.

Author: Chris Bjork

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