Review: KIESZA “Sound of a Woman”

Kiesza brings the ‘90s back with her new album, “Sound of a Woman.” With groovy beats deserving of a “Throwback Thursday,” Facebook post, Kiesza’s music is an anomaly among today’s hits.

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Kiesza has an impressive résumé. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and model, and has even served in the Royal Canadian Navy. She opened for Demi Lovato on her most recent tour and has written many songs for Rihanna. Despite being only 25 years old, Kiesza has shown the world that her versatility can develop hit singles.

Her most popular single, “Hideaway,” gets your head bobbing. The use of synth and rhythmic drum beats force you get up and dance. It even has a Salt-N-Pepa feel to it.

The album can be considered soulful, her house, pop sound incorporating R&B and featuring artists like Mick Jenkins and Joey Bada$$. Kiesza covered Haddaway’s “What is Love?” on piano with a slow melody. She transformed the popular dance hit into a heartfelt ballad, which completely changed the meaning of the song.

The title track serves as a lovesick anthem and has more depth than any of Taylor Swift’s songs about heartache.

Kiesza mainly falls under the genre of dance music, but adds spice to her tunes with her profound vocals. Nowadays, everyone is entranced by electronic dance music and almost anything produced by popular artists like Swedish House Mafia and Calvin Harris. Kiesza aims to crush the redundancy by re-energizing top hits with funky ‘90s house woven into her tracks.

Kiesza’s new album is perfect for getting ready for a night on the town. It’s full of anthems for declaring independence.

“Sound of a Woman” was released Oct. 21 on Island Records.

Grade A

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