Dash of spice adds to any meal

What makes a memorable meal? Well, not only does one need to intertwine raw ingredients with a spark of ingenuity, they need to find their materials first. These materials must be used accordingly to warrant a good-tasting outcome.

Yes, understanding the means to an end can be daunting when cooking creatively.

Janet and Michael Johnston have felt this anxiety, and they realize food doesn’t need to be very serious or dramatic. All it takes is a dash, a shake or a sprinkle. Together, this husband and wife team thought up the Savory Spice Shop in 2004 to offer any eater a little spice to their lives.

When Savory Spice Shop opened its doors six years ago, it seemed like

only a group of inclusive chefs or cooking elitists might have frequented the Platte Street storefront. These days, three new franchises have been opened outside of Colorado, along with a few sister stores around the metro area.

Inside each shop, a myriad of spices are offered. Yet, what captures the eye are the shelves upon shelves of jars. Each case marks a different labeled section. From seeds, chiles and curries, every spice that can be implemented in any aspect of cooking has a home at Savory.

For instance, bakers can use the fresh almond extract or Mayan cocoa. Also, the amateur spice enthusiast can pick up a microplane for zesting spices and a mortor and pestle for crushing bulk herbs.

Amazingly, most of the spices can be tasted without the approval of an employee. One may tap out a mound of what seems interesting into their palm and raise it to their tongue, enjoying before buying.

Outside of their stores, the Johnstons are hosting a Food Network show called “Spice & Easy.” After longtime television chefs, Patrick and Gina Neely, stopped into Denver for an episode of “Road Tested With the Neelys” and met Savory’s world of spice, they wanted to include the Johnston’s on an upcoming venture. Soon, a show all about spices was pitched to the network. Not only does the new program offer at-home cooks a way to comprehend spices, but it gives Denver’s food scene something to be proud of.

Simply put dashing, shaking or sprinkling can make all the memories an eater may need. Take solace in the Johnston’s story and stop worrying about food, just savor it all for once.

Check out Savery Spice Shop, visit: savoryspiceshop.com

Author: Ian Gassman

Ian Gassman has contributed to The Metropolitan as a reporter since 2007 and previously held the music editor position, as well as the managing editor position. Ian is majoring in journalism with a concentration in news and editorial. He is also pursuing an independent minor in multimedia music reporting. Ian expects to graduate soon and hopes his foremost passions, music and writing, remain a central part of his life.

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