The Carelessmind Review: It

Terror in the Maineway

Phobias are a part of life. Fun fact Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. Boo! Honk honk. No? Still not scared? Dang. You must be watching IT.

IT is about Pennywise the Dancing Clown reappearing every 27 years in the small town of Derry, Maine to feed upon  fearful children. This is a place for children to run wild with parents who don’t seem to care at all. Not one parent in the movie seemed heartfelt and/or responsible. Perhaps that was Steven King’s vision. King’s no holds barred attempt is viciously ruthless and wicked when he writes about children. Pet Semetery, a child dies, The Shinning, a child is tortured, Firestarter, child ….. the list goes on and on. The original, made for TV mini-series was fine for its time, but the cringing three hour feast is out dated and needed a jolt. (2017) IT does a fine creepy old man standing at the water cooler whistling through his missing teeth kind of job.

The Strong Points: The kids – (Jeaden Lieberher) Bill, (Sophia Lillis) Beverly, (Finn Wolfhard) Richie and (Jeremy Ray Taylor) Ben – These kiddos made the movie special. The times when they would hangout and be Pennywiseless will make you want to be a kid again. Director Andy Muschiette does a profound job of pulling the horror elements out while the kids try to have a fun summer break. Lillis will rip audience’s hearts apart with her initial fear. She is a great little actress. A-

The Good: The marketing of IT could not of come at a better time. Although keeping Pennywise hidden in the previews would have boosted more scares.  In two weeks IT has pulled in 218 million on a $35 million dollar budget. A+

The Bad: The movie wants to be a Rob Zombie concert, but it feels like a Lady GaGa concert. The movie jumps from scare to normal-ville to much. C

Who wore “It” better?

The Incomplete: (Bill Skarsgard) Pennywise the Dancing Clown was never scary enough, riding along the edge of  annoying and stupid. He drools more than he dances. He never seems to eat more than one child. The scare factor was never there. At times, Pennywise is just a painted up beaver with red balloons. There is a scene with a painting and library that sets the mood.  C

The Jury: B-  7/10

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