The Careless Mind: Review of PS4 Friday the 13th

Bummer, there goes your head

There were so many iconic figures from the 1980s like The Clash, Garbage Pail Kids, Lawn Darts, Go-Bots, Care Bears, the VCR and much more. That’s my short, incredibly short list of items I thought were cool when I was growing up. Then there were movies that scared the shit out of me, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the opening credits to Twilight Zone The Movie…..shut up! Dumb now in 2017, but holla’ back to 1983, I pooped my self as I watched MJ’s eyes turn yellow. I think they had cat like features. I dunno, I don’t care, I wasn’t really that scared. On Friday nights a bunch of friends and I would sleep over at each other houses, we rented movies and sneaked a peek or two at porn magazines that most of our fathers badly hid.

“Really dad, under the hamper?”

We would always rent the Nightmare on Elm Street and/or Friday the 13th movies. It is clear to state back then, the whole Star Wars vs. Star Trek thing was alive and well. Although it was just replaced in our circle by these horror franchises.

In the summer of 2017 Friday the 13th was born onto the PC/PS4/XBOX. It was all thanks to the fans who donated to Gun Media’s Kick-starter campaign. Illfonic a local based company is the master of F13 and they do a great job. But where is the booze and nudity? Sad face. I am not going to more details because a lot more had to be done in order for this game to arrive. It is here now and it startles the shit out of me. There are two different types of game play. The action heats up as you play as a naughty little camp counselors or Jason Voorhees. As the counselor your task will be to get the hell out of dodge by running around the camp fixing cars and boats. Another option is to call the police and/or Tommy Jarvis for help. In the event you just wanna hang out in camp, just find a relaxing Coleman tent to snuggle up into for the next blood curdling 20 minutes. Jason will hear you breathing if you are hiding. So hold your breath, while you hear the bone crushing sounds of blood-gut wrenching screams throughout the camp. These will be the sounds of other counselors, as confront Jason. Counselors can fight back with bear traps, weapons and firecrackers to stun Jason with. You may also get lucky and kill Jason. Killing Jason takes a lot of team work. It is hard to do, it can be done, unlike finding a Pamela tape.  (NEW UPDATE: Gun Media have announced a few new updates. Counselors will receive emotes and on public games team kills will be turned off, private games will still be a free for all) 

The second type of game play is Jason Voorhees. I know I should just say Voorhees in all the second reference, but F-that. No one has ever screamed “RUN it’s Voorhees” in a second reference all bloody up half way through the movies. So…..Jason, is fun in Friday the 13th, he has many features that liven up that one dimensional hacking and slashing cliche. Jason can now set traps, stop on coming traffic, warp abilities, shifts (an Easter egg to Evil Dead), he like to smash radios and he sometimes plays with knives. Also in the last minutes of the round it is fun to play in rage mode. All of these technicians and abilities vary on the skin of Jason used. The Jason skins are based of each Jason from each movie. Yes, Gun Media is aware there are more than six Friday the 13th movies, thannnnnk you. Just being a punk.

As of now, there are three different maps to choose from, each one has their own little spin. The public lobby is also part of the unknown. Will you spawn as Jason or a counselor? In the beginning cheesy camping intro it will randomly select one person from the lobby to become Voorh….I mean Jason! The game is a challenge if other players are not mic’d up.

The game play lags, which makes playing a round with friends a nightmare once in awhile. There are also hosting issues, where if the host of a lobby leaves half way through the game then, the game is dead….. dead, dead, dead, dead, dead and the worst part is the players you have been playing with for hours are gone, lost forever, unless you friended them or remembered there ol’ screen name 2PACofCOla849. Then you can search and invite them to play again.

The game will always have small issues to deal with, like glitches of players or accidentally finding two Jason’s shacks on one map, but for $40 bucks I love it. I have laughed my ass off with other online people from around the world. If you have seen all the movies, then there plenty of little things to notice within the game-play. They might not do anything, but just like your ex it’s fun to point and giggle at it.  4 out of 5 Spiked Fist Pumps

October 13, 2017 the physical copy will be available.

I am always up for a round find me-

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