The Carelessmind: Fall TV

What is Hot and Cold on TV

Can’t wait for the new season of Roseanne in 2018, well fall is a great time for sweatshirts, drinking semi-sweet hot coco and watching the batch of TV shows. It is also a great time for new TV shows to drop. New TV shows are risky these days, while some shows bomb and other shows just can’t seem to find that right audience. Then there are those gems that that just pop. Here are some great shows that are a must watch for this season and others that are not so hot.





CBS – Me, Myself and I

Staring Bobby Moynihan and John Larroquette

Three stages of a male’s life, bouncing back and forth from teen, middle aged to a senior. Throughout these stages a true love floats in the balance. It is light, fun and with sprinkles of This is Us in the mix.





CBS – Young Sheldon

Staring Iain Armitage and Zoe Perry

This is youthful prequel to the outdated The Big Bang Theory. This is a less annoying and more curious version of Sheldon from TBBT. There is a big more meat on the bone, just from the pilot episode one and Young Sheldon already has a big following. Jim Parsons provides the voice over in a straight forward approach. It is nice even if I can’t pronounce the correct annunciation of Iain.


Luke Warm

Fox – Ghosted

Staring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott


Two regular guys are hijacked by a secret agency. With me so far? Think Men in Black with comedians. Now mix in the ridiculous Ghost Hunters, and you have Ghosted. This show might not pull you in right away, but it’s weird enough to give it a few chances. The episodes end cold, like they cut off the song and leave you with a bizarre choppy editing job. Bottom line if you like these guys come for them and stay for their effort.


FOX/HULU– The Orville

Staring Seth McFarlane and Scott Grimes

Fox is 2 for 2 in the warm department this season. Director Jon Favreau is on board for much of this space age journey of a slightly edgier Star Trek series. While the show is for the most part fun, it can lag for an hour long series at times. The look is beautiful even if all the jokes aren’t all hands on deck outstanding. I would think this would have been raunchier on Showtime or even if it were a thirty-minute show on Fox, then it would likely have a larger life span.

If you like space and half of the characters from Family Guy, then check it out on Thursdays.

Cold as ICE


CBS online – Star Trek: Discovery


There are problems with this show and the outlet that it’s on. You can only see this show streaming CBS. There are long days at the office when the last thing to do is look at a computer screen at home. And while this maybe an experiment for CBS to do, it may have been the only place to put this show, Sunday – Thursday is blocked full of shows that have no balance with a Star Trek. Friday and Saturdays for TV program have provided to be nothing more than a death trap. It is not the worst Star Trek, but yet it is just not the greatest either.


NBC – The Brave

I could not make it past the poor story line and soap opera-esk acting. PASS!! RUN!! The number one mistake a TV show can make is to put a heavy assault rifle in the hands of someone who can pass it off like a squirtgun



Tweet me if you found a new basic TV show to be great or not………could of used that Tweet before watching S.W.A.T


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