Review: “YOU’RE NEXT”

There are always some nuggets of gold on Netflix during the Halloween season. Released last summer, “You’re Next” is
a slasher film that takes turns where you least expect them.

Director Adam Wingard (“A Horrible Way to Die,” “V/H/S”) and writer Simon Barrett aim to have the audience re-evaluate their trust in the characters. They create suspense in revealing why the killers have targeted this family.

With the movie being set deep in the woods, it’s obvious that something terrifying is going to happen. Crispian and his girlfriend, Erin, head to the woods to visit Crispian’s parents’ estate and have dinner with the entire family. What they don’t know is that in those woods are killers wearing animal masks waiting for their prey.

The family dinner is interrupted when an arrow flies through the window and strikes Crispian’s sister’s boyfriend in his forehead. At that point, everyone runs for cover and they now know they’re being targeted.

Erin grows suspicious, because Crispian and his brothers aren’t typically in the same room at the same time. She has a hunch this was a planned attack.

Because she grew up in a survival compound, Erin knows exactly what to do in life-threatening situations. By setting up traps and arming herself and those still alive with weapons, Erin manages to survive the night of chaos.

“You’re Next” leaves you never wanting to step foot into the woods again. You also may want to re-establish trust with your family members. Without giving anything away, this movie will leave you gasping out of disbelief. It’s a great pick for a movie night with your friends on a chilly October evening.

Grade A-

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