The Maykit keeps moving forward

Max Winne got his start strumming an acoustic guitar in Aurora, Colo. Over time, he honed his craft. Now, he’s a full-time singer-songwriter. Winne’s live performances in his project, The Maykit, are strippeddown, revealing versions of his lush studio recordings. Recently, Winne wrapped up a two-week, five-state tour in support of his most recent full-length, Songs About Things That Lack Definition, as well as the recent split EP called Hangs he made with fellow bands All Human and Angela Jane.

The Metropolitan spoke to Winne before his April 11 show at the Hi-Dive about what’s next for The Maykit.

 WR: How was your recent tour? Didn’t you make a list of rules to follow? MW: [Laughs] You’re questioning my honesty right off the bat. Tour went really well, I think the only one of the [rules] I didn’t complete was “telling stories that end in ‘you a trick…’ I definitely made some new friends and I did play in [my mainstay], Salt Lake City, so you know high-fives were distributed.

WR: Wait, so what was this list of rules you made for tour?

MW: One, to tell stories that end in “you a trick” or the crowd saying “no he didn’t.” Two, drink whiskey. Three, play as well as I can. Four, make new friends. Five, give everyone a high-five and, six, have fun.

WR: Are you excited to play the Hi-dive?

MW: I love playing at the Hi-dive, the sound is great, the staff is great and turnouts are normally, too. It’s the first time since tour I’ll really be able to hang out with my friends. WR: What is your favorite live song to play?

MW: My favorite song to play right now is one off of the new album. It actually doesn’t have a name yet; it’s just a confessional piece, as they usually are. I still identify with the things I sing about in it and the guitar lines are pretty great.

WR: Who are your favorite musicians to play with locally or nationally?

MW: My favorite musicians to play with live are Jesus or Genome and Laura Gibson. I’ve played with so many people that I like, it’s really hard to decide but I will [list] them for now. I love their music. My favorite people to write with are Noah Matthews, Ryan Brasher and Dwight Forcey, at least so far.

WR: What is Hangs all about. Why did you decide to release a “split” EP?

MW: Hangs is something I wanted to put together since Adam Fisher [of All Human] and I toured together last year. I knew he had some new songs and I had some songs that weren’t going to go on the new record. We recruited Angela [Bachmann] towards the end of the two-week period that it was put together and it just kind of worked out. I couldn’t be happier with it.
WR: Are you working on more recordings?

MW: I’m actually recording my new record right now. It’s going really slowly but I have faith in it. There’s more percussion and I use my voice a little more. I played mostly new songs on the tour and they seemed to go over well. I think people will enjoy it
WR: All artists have their own style of songwriting. How do you write your songs?

MW: My songs normally start with me writing the guitar [parts] first, then after I have that, I’ll hum some melodies. Then I try to fill the melodies in with lyrics. I then normally mess around with it for a while and make changes until I feel I’ve done as much as I can. Recording them is when I really start messing with them, adding guitar leads and pianos and anything I can think of.

Author: Wesley Reyna

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