Music Review: Lamb of God’s “Resolution”

Rating: 5 out of 5
Heavy metal juggernaut Lamb of God has become an iconic name in the genre over the past decade, and they show no intention of backing down from such growing popularity with their latest album, Resolution.

Resolution, which features 14 tracks, was released Jan. 24 and is Lamb of God’s most recent effort since their 2009 album, Wrath.

Although the Richmond, Va.-based band is just starting to generate music more appealing to mainstream metal fans, they have been the epitome of heavy metal since 1994.

The growling vocals and heavy melodies remain present when compared to Lamb of God’s older albums, but Resolution has a slightly more melodic resolve. Their newest single, “Ghost Walking,” is a perfect example. It’s a melodic and vibrant song.

Resolution is entertaining from start to finish. Vocalist Randy Blythe, who will turn 41 in February, still possesses his strong growling techniques. Meanwhile, he manages to scream melodically and sing at times, as showcased in the song, “The Number Six.”

The instrumentation remains strong as well, with the guitar work and drumming blending well together, to the point where everything sounds balanced.

Lamb of God has been around for nearly 20 years, and certainly knows how to keep fans interested and engaged in their music.

They proved this once again with Resolution.

Author: Matt Hollinshead

Matt Hollinshead has contributed to the Metropolitan as a writer and assistant editor since August 2009.

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