Lenses Alien

The first recognizable thing about Cymbals Eat Guitars’ brand new album, Lenses Alien, is that it still sounds like Cymbals Eat Guitars.

Just like 2009’s Why There Are Mountains, this 10-track effort winds listeners into contemplative breakdowns, each laden with eerie atmosphere and frenetic guitar work. The songwriting is still jilted and intriguing, recalling 764-Hero’s repertoire or some much darker version of Pavement. However, there isn’t really an emphasis on faster tempos or energetic hooks.

Perhaps this was frontman John D’Agostino’s main motif for this album: to draw out each emotional element by slowing everything down.

And, given the fact that both Cymbals Eat Guitars’ original keyboardist and bassist resigned from the band this past year due to a constant touring regimen, it only makes sense that D’Agostino would want to take time to reassess everything. While some of the tracks seem bitter, most of these songs epitomize that old “time heals all wounds, like your band mates ditching you” sentiment.

Once D’Agostino adjusts to his new band members — outside of a studio setting — and lets this album take its course, he’ll pick up the pace again.

Author: Ian Gassman

Ian Gassman has contributed to The Metropolitan as a reporter since 2007 and previously held the music editor position, as well as the managing editor position. Ian is majoring in journalism with a concentration in news and editorial. He is also pursuing an independent minor in multimedia music reporting. Ian expects to graduate soon and hopes his foremost passions, music and writing, remain a central part of his life.

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