Your fall playlist

Fall is the best time to cozy up with your closest friends, drink copious amounts of coffee and prepare for holiday shopping. You might as well have a fall playlist to accompany those activities. Here are some artists that you can add to your music library this fall:

Imagine Dragons – You probably already know a couple hit songs from this band like “It’s Time” and “Radioactive”. Imagine Dragons just released a new single called “I Bet My Life,” showcasing their signature gang vocals and heavy bass. This alternative pop group isn’t afraid to cross boundaries, so you shouldn’t be afraid to add them to your playlist.


Logic – If you’re looking for more of a hip-hop vibe, check out Maryland native Logic. Through mixtapes and downloads, Logic was well-known before signing with a record label. Hits like “Buried Alive” and “Under Pressure” bring head-bobbing beats that deserve a spot in your music library.


Sam Hunt – How about a little boot-scootin’ country? Sam Hunt, who chose a music career over a football career with the Kansas City Chiefs, delivers country tunes that make you smile and reminisce about past summers. Go ahead and add “Raised on It” and “Leave the Night On” to your playlist.


Leighton Meester – The well-known actress from the hit television show “Gossip Girl,” Leighton Meester, just released a new album that sets the perfect mood for fall. Meester seems to have dropped the electric pop vibe in her 2010 single “Your Love’s A Drug” and moved on to a mellower, acoustic tone. Her entire “Heartstrings” album is good, but if you only had to pick one song for your library, you should pick “Blue Afternoon.”


Knife Party – Knife Party is always a solid choice if you’re in the mood for electro-house or dubstep. The Australian duo has slowly been releasing singles from their upcoming album “Abandon Ship.” A classic track for your list is “Bonfire,” which is an awesome, upbeat track with a hint of reggae. Their newest song “Boss Mode” has the same tone.


Moose Blood – Yes, that’s actually the band name. Hailing from Canterbury, England, Moose Blood is a fairly new band that has mid 90’s emo tones and alternative rock sounds that mimic Motion City Soundtrack. Moose Blood makes a name for themselves and packs their newest album with ballads like “Cherry” and mounting crescendos in “I Hope You’re Missing Me.” There’s a hole in your playlist and their song “Swim Down” fills it perfectly.


Jamie’s Elsewhere – Bring out the eyeliner and the checkered slip-on Vans, Jamie’s Elsewhere brings melodic punk rock and post-hardcore to the table. After losing front man Aaron Pauley to Of Mice & Men in 2012, Jamie’s Elsewhere released their newest album “Rebel-Revive” with new lead vocalist, Justin Kyle. Their most popular song, “Giants Among Common Men” is a worthy choice for your list, but their newest single “The Illusionist” is the best choice for their new sound.


Bear’s Den – If you’re a big fan of indie folk-rock or Mumford & Sons, Bear’s Den is the band for you. This London trio, formed in late 2012, carries a sound that resembles a late night drive on a chilly evening or enjoying your favorite latte in a cozy coffee shop. “Above the Clouds of Pompeii” captures the unique sound of Bear’s Den and will add a nice touch to your fall playlist.

Whether you’re raking leaves, pushing your way through crazy holiday shoppers or sitting at home underneath a warm blanket with your cat in your lap, turn on this playlist and experience fall and everything that comes with the season.

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