Denver meditation studio invites all to experience focus and healing

The Lotus Meditation Studio, located at 228 Broadway, celebrated their grand opening on Aug. 21. For those seeking a place to learn and practice meditation, the entire community is invited to come experience the many benefits of this mindful tradition.


Lotus instructor, Skylak, relaxes before the studio’s grand opening. Photo courtesy of the Lotus Meditation Studio.

Whether you’re new to the term or consider yourself an enlightened yogi, the studio offers meditation classes, workshops and healing therapies guided by a diverse group of knowledgeable instructors. For all newcomers, the first class is free.

By definition, meditation is an action that allows an individual to think deeply or focus the mind for a period of time, usually for religious or spiritual purposes. The Lotus is focused on maintaining a secular attitude toward the practice. The goal of the studio is to create a space of healing relaxation for people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

“We want to be a sanctuary in the city, palpable for the general public,” Amanda Schaal, studio manager, said. “We are a very approachable environment. Don’t let the word meditation scare you.”

The goal is to make meditation an affordable practice for students and the surrounding community. Schaal mentioned specific student pricing that may be available in the near future.

The Lotus Meditation Studio at their grand opening on Aug. 21. Their mission is to offer affordable services to students and locals.

The current class schedule includes three daily sessions. The Wake Up class to energize, Midday Mindbreak to help clear the mind mid-workday, and Wind Down to decompress at the day’s conclusion. All the sessions are catered to all levels. A specific beginners class is being offered as well.

“We have a Let’s Get it Started class for those who aren’t sure where to start,” Schaal said.

For students of Auraria Campus, the burden of commuting can be enough to trigger negative responses like stress and anxiety. A plethora of studies, like the ones published in the Forbes article “7 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change the Brain,” suggest that meditation can be an effective method to counter these emotions. Improved focus, productivity and happiness are other ‘side effects’ of mindful practice. The Lotus hopes to offer students coping mechanisms that will adhere to these.

The studio’s grand opening brought a confident agenda for future plans. More classes are on the way. The studio’s team of enlightened instructors are trained in multiple facets, including Reiki and energy healing, spiritual psychology, clairvoyant reading, sound healing with singing bowls, shamanic healing and more. These mindful practices will be available in the coming months. Private meditation sessions will be accessible for those seeking a one-on-one experience with an instructor.

The Lotus opens its relaxing space to the public Sept. 30 for a grand opening party.

The Lotus Meditation Studio is Denver’s newest location to find out what meditation can offer. Complete with several elegantly designed relaxation areas, a retail shop and an area for tea, this studio is eager to draw in those who are searching for self-awareness and peace of mind. On Sept. 30, a grand opening party will be held at the studio, including live music and treats. Schaal and her assistant manager, Lynnea Tai, expressed a warm welcome to all prospects.

“Don’t have an expectation,” Tai said. “Be open to what it could be.”

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