Committee re-evaluates Tivoli event pricing

Auraria Higher Education Center partners with the Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board to adjust pricing programs for exterior and interior spaces on Auraria Campus.


Auraria campus students dance to music outside of the Tivoli Student Union during the Spring Fling Festival on April 20. The Tivoli rents out many of its spaces for many different events, campus related and more. Photo by Karson Hallaway •

Auraria is home to more than 44,000 students at three different higher education institutions. While many know of the collaboration between the three schools, there is an overlooked price students pay for their presence here on campus.

This past semester has brought new concern to the Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board about the day-to-day operations both on and off campus. Due to high volume of students using the campus space, SACAB officials are revisiting how public areas are to be more efficiently utilized for generating revenue while maintaining the upkeep and overall maintenance on
campus. For example, the Tivoli Quad, 9th Street Historic Park and the Lawrence Street Mall are all areas available to the public and students for club and event functions. However, excessive usage has caused wear-and-tear to the locations.

In a recent statement provided by SACAB, “The objective of the Auraria Student Union is to enhance student life and collegiality by expanding opportunities for community interaction and involvement.”

SACAB has confronted multiple issues associated with breakage and loss of revenue from outside groups. Additionally, numerous spaces are being used by groups claiming to be registered student organizations as a way to avoid fees.

SACAB Metro State Representative, Brauwyn Mumby revealed her position on the matter.

“We definitely received push back. I wasn’t the biggest fan, but it was something we definitely needed,” said Mumby.

In addition, limited budgets deter clubs from using campus space for promotional gain, resulting in prospective clients turning away from using the Tivoli Student Union.

To solve such issues, SACAB created the Tivoli Spaces Pricing Task Force. Their mission is to re-evaluate event pricing for both interior and exterior spaces. The task force decides appropriate pricing structures based on historical data and current needs that then filter into three categories relative to on campus functions. The three categories are type A, events from the office of student
life, type B, events by administrative offices and commercial events, from outside campus, and commercial type C events.

Price rates are determined by four hour increments and depend on the event’s category. Prices begin at a commercial rate of $50.00 for every 4 hours. An appropriate discount is applied to pay the balance of pay. Type A student organization events receive a 95 percent discount from the full commercial price while type B academic and administration departments events receives a 75 percent discount in addition to a service charge provided by Auraria Higher Education Center.

This new price plan initiative provided by SACAB hopes to honor historical traditions and the needs of students while preserving their right to use public space on campus. Mumby urges those interested in using spaces for higher education to contact any of the AHEC locations on campus.

Author: Karson Hallaway

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