Trading collars for capes at Doggie Cosplay


Chewie takes flight in his dad’s arms during the doggie cosplay event at the Watering Bowl. Photos by Montana Martin

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a Pug in a Superman costume?

The countdown to Denver Comic Con took flight when caped canines of every origin story suited up for the Doggie Cosplay and Countdown to the Con Party at the Watering Bowl on June 22.

Con-exclusive Breckenridge Brewery beer “I Am Brewt!” flowed from the tap as consistently as dog drool. In celebration of it’s community, Denver Comic Con brought the event to the doggie district.

“Think of the quintessential Colorado things: beer, dogs, outdoors,” said Kim Kosnar, event manager for DCC.

Despite it being a foolproof formula for a classic Colorado night out, the context of the event was secondary to the fact that DCC was the one behind the puppy-centric evening. Raven Isom, a groomer for event sponsor Vanity Fur, came out to support the event as a cosplay judge, con-goer and manga enthusiast. In the spirit of the event, Isom painted her skinny and wiry Italian Greyhounds to look like skeletons.

“When we found out we’d be doing something for Comic Con, we were like, absolutely,” Isom said, catching one of her pouncing puppies in her arms.


Julie Caravella and her pup Luna lassoed in the hearts of the judges with their matching Wonder Woman costumes during the doggie cosplay contest at the Watering Bowl.

Isom and her team also brought along superhero themed bandanas and accessories, and offered nail trims and fur styling to prep pets for their next epic adventure.

Elijah Montoya, from the movie premiere party organization MovieCamp built up the atmosphere for the event as emcee for the night. Montoya has been helming the mic of these con-centric events for two years now, and will continue doing so for as long as they’ll have him.

“I just want to help the con,” Montoya said. “Whatever Kim asks.”

MovieCamp also teamed up with local artists to create pop-culture themed prints to give away in return for those willing (or at least within paw’s reach of the microphone) to replace song lyrics with barking, answer trivia and perform charades based on famous canines. Montoya took note of the substantial amount of bar-goers that came out for a regular night out with their furry companions. Realizing that the event could became a way to raise awareness for the con, his enthusiasm didn’t falter.

“There was just such a good mix of people here for the Watering Bowl,” Montoya said, “and people here for the event.”

Kosnar and her events team are set to host doggie cosplay on an annual basis. They hope it will inspire future events. She was unsure what next year’s opening ceremonies and after-parties will entail beyond this, but she does know that they’re tired of the same “band at a bar” formula of the past.

“We’re always looking for wacky ideas,” Kosner said. “Some of them fail, some don’t.”

Either way, Kosnar looks forward to providing more opportunities for the con community to come together and celebrate the positive environment that DCC prides themselves on.

“There’s so much badness and sadness in the world,” Kosnar said, “so let’s get drunk and look at cute dogs.”

Author: Montana Martin

Montana Martin is currently in her second year with the Journalism and Technical Communications program at MSU Denver. After graduation, she plans on working as a music journalist to further enable her addictions to concert merch, vinyl records and PBR. When she’s not getting way over her head in mosh pits, she can be found at home taking pictures of her Jack Russell Mutt, Navin Johnson. You can see these pictures and contact her on Twitter @montanaelle.

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