Too Many Zooz brings BrassHouse sound to the Bluebird


From left: King of Sludge, Leo P. and Matt Doe. Photo by Michael Weintrob

The trio that makes up the band Too Many Zooz pumps out a rhythmic blend of jazz and African drums with ambitious adrenaline. Their unique sound got its start in the subway stations of New York City where they were just trying to make a dime.

“The subway sort of dictated what we did. It’s what made money,” said David Parks, also known as King of Sludge.

Along with Parks and his self-crafted percussions set comprised of instruments he’s played throughout his life, the band features Leo Pellegrino who plays baritone saxophone and Matt Doe on the trumpet.

Parks said their style is just starting to come together and is more about each individual bringing their own thing to the group. Parks’ percussions create a cadence mixed with an indigenous shake and rattle. Doe’s trumpet leads with lyrical wails that demand attention. And Pellegrino, also known as Leo P., blows out bass with brute force while swinging his legs with the tempo.

The group’s live videos on YouTube went viral and attracted the attention of Beyonce’s team. The band performed on the songs “Daddy’s Issues” and “Formation” and were asked to join her at the Country Music Awards in 2016.

“We just got a call that B said get to L.A. And when she says get to L.A., you get to L.A.,” Parks said. “We didn’t know what was happening until much later and it was all over.”

Too Many Zooz has released four EPs and a full-length studio album titled “Subway Gawdz” which dropped in 2016. They’ll be jazzing out at the Bluebird Theater on Sept. 7 and 8. Parks encourages people to come out for a show to hear real people playing real music.

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