Student feedback directed to drop boxes

Drop-off boxes for student feedback are being displayed across campus in an effort to help make the return of completed forms easier and safer for students. The office of academic affairs and the office of institutional research are setting up 13 green and white drop-off boxes inside buildings, in addition to three in the deans’ offices.

To die is hard if you’re not laughing

The role of English teacher is usually an unassuming one, most commonly associated with horrible books, symbolism and Shakespeare. Every once in a while, it’s impossible to judge a book by its cover (pun intended). Metro’s own Glenn Berggoetz not only teaches three classes a semester, but also moonlights as a successful screenplay writer. His newest feature length film, “To Die Is Hard” plays Wednesday, December 2 at Starz Film Center at the Tivoli. So to get to know the man behind this action film spoof, the Metropolitan sat down with the home-grown talent in the English department.