Cottonwood Love

Cottonwood Love Contrasts of soft and firm, Sturdy and tall yet easily splintered by nature or man Spicy scent in autumn Annoying fuzz in spring Native tree that I love regardless Huge leaves that shade stifling heat in July Blanket the lawn in October Superb to jump in! Perfect kindling as branches decay, may you […]

I Looked at Those Pictures

Your soft hands—waves before the blue blur of a daub expression. Your soft hands—lay below the boulders, not moving, out stretched on the ground—covered in a casing of dry mud.   Your young body—dances with others on a cliff top. Your young body—piled beneath the cusp of ravine, mix with part earth, part pebbles and […]

Auraria acts as learning base for first-ever Colorado Photography Festival

Auraria acts as learning base for first-ever Colorado Photography Festival

For more than five years, famed abstract nature photographer Nat Coalson has been teaching composition techniques and print production workshops at Auraria for students and Denver residents. Last weekend, Coalson and his colleague Grant Collier lead the first-ever Colorado Photography Festival on campus. The premise was a specialized symposium that focused on nature and landscape […]

An Unusual Friendship

The skies were angry. A brown field mouse scurried terrified in the darkness; the storm had come upon him suddenly and violently as flashes of bright light blinded him and thundering claps of sound reverberated in his sensitive ears. The little mouse knew he should not have stayed overlong gathering seeds with the fast approaching […]


Her last breathe ascends, swirling upwards towards the sun and searching for its place in the stars.  A few moments before this the wind was pushing up against her face with such force that it was blinding.  Tears came streaking out of her eyes, but these were tears of joy.  The air was so thick […]

Transfusion of sunlight (To Susan)

In November, on a warm day, following a snowstorm in the foothills, a transfusion of sunlight cracks the sky, heats the ground, unbends snowy pine branches as glassy icicles on stems melt, drip. Water trickles from a spout at her house to soak sorrow deeply. Puddles of tears clog friends’ souls at a memorial service, […]

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