Things My Cat Would Say

Things My Cat Would Say After Mark Cox by Ashleigh Burm I want to live forever in the springtime, make it be on a sprawling farm, make mice run thick. January is too cold. Make it May, a sunny Sunday after 10 weeks of rain. I want tall grass and butterflies to catch. I want […]


Condomoniums by Jacob Mckibben You are wrinkled on the trash strewn sidewalk, hot pink latex. I have an urge to squish you flat beneath the wheels of this stroller I push while I walk beside my wife, and our daughter squeals in childish delight, her hands clutching a snot-crusted Elmo doll. You are not the […]

About A Girl

Amanda was only part of my life for a brief five years, yet she had such a huge role to play in it. I was only eleven when she moved to our neighborhood in the little blue house that sat on the corner. It came to life the day she arrived. I had never asked […]


I had a drink of water And felt refreshed So I began thinking Of all of the reasons That I have Such a deep affection for Two parts hydrogen One part oxygen The cool drink made me calm And made me smile I always drink deeply And tend to feel similarly So when I began […]

Help is here for harassed, bullied students

A rash of suicides by gay and transgender teenagers — including two college students — have refocused the national debate about bullying and other issues related to suicide including self-image and support. Depending on what source you cite, between six and eight students — ages 13 to 19 — have taken their own lives in […]