Bisexuality Awareness Day comes out to fight binary ideals

Bisexuality Awareness Day on Nov. 4 at Auraria and the GLBT Student Services at Auraria aimed to change the opinions of students through open discussions and lectures about bisexual and transgender individuals. Sam Smith, UCD junior and President of the UCD Genders and Sexualities Alliance said, “This event aimed to bring some awareness to the […]

Transgender Day of Visibility offers succes stories

MSU Denver’s Transgender Day of Visibility helped to show that the GLBT community is growing larger and gaining more support than ever before. On April 3, in Sigi’s Cabaret in the Tivoli, writer, counselor, and MSU Denver psychology graduate Jennifer Blair shared the story of how she became a happy, successful transgender woman. Blair kicked […]

“Love is a Drag” show raises awareness, funds for GLBT youth

“Love is a Drag” show raises awareness, funds for GLBT youth

To raise money for Rainbow Alley, MSU Denver’s GLBT office said “bring on the queens” with the “Love is a Drag” event. On Feb. 14, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Services office turned the Tivoli Turnhalle into a lounge. A small group of round tables with pink shaded lamps were set up in front […]

Civil union bill passed through Colorado state senate

Colorado’s Senate is seeing red, white and rainbow. Civil unions passed through the Colorado Senate Feb. 11, on a vote of 21 to 14. As the bill moves to the House, controlled by Democrats since November 2012, there’s a chance Coloradans are one step closer to legalizing same-sex marriage. The bill’s sponsors tweeted their appreciation […]

High Tea pours honor on GLBT Allies

High Tea pours honor on GLBT Allies

Story by Collene Lewis MSU Denver is becoming a more inclusive place to learn, thanks to the commitment of LGBTQ allied students, faculty and staff. The 18th annual High Tea, Sept. 17, awarded eight individuals Ally of the Year for their dedication to equal rights across the Auraria campus. The Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual […]

Help is here for harassed, bullied students

A rash of suicides by gay and transgender teenagers — including two college students — have refocused the national debate about bullying and other issues related to suicide including self-image and support. Depending on what source you cite, between six and eight students — ages 13 to 19 — have taken their own lives in […]