I can’t read that. I’m a ______ (insert gender here)

I can’t read that. I’m a ______ (insert gender here)

“Please put a non-girly cover on your book so I can read it. – signed, A Guy” This, from a tweet by teen author Maureen Johnson. So how did the Johnson respond? With this brilliant challenge to her 70k+ (at the time) Twitter followers: an end to gender-specific book covers. Imagine picking up Game of […]

Dystopian futures: new trend in literature. Auraria Writer’s Week speaker talks about new novel

With the “Hunger Games” movie, based on Suzanne Collins’ young adult novel, now ensconced as one of the hottest cultural phenomena of the year, future “dystopias,” or the bad-dream opposites of idyllic utopian societies, have become all the rage, at least for the moment. This makes the work of Colorado science-fiction author Paolo Bacigalupi, who […]

‘Kick-Ass’ destroys innocence with humor

“Kick-Ass” first and foremost is not for children. For some reason the profanity in the title doesn’t drop a big enough hint to idiotic parents; they still took their children to the screening then had to leave early because the film has too much violence and gore. Now if your old enough to enjoy films like “Pulp Fiction” and “From Dusk Till Dawn” then you are going to love this movie!