Deep Frequenciez tribute to Rennie Foster (Canada/Japan)

Deep Frequenciez tribute to Rennie Foster (Canada/Japan)

  In 2015 I had the pleasure to dj alongside Rennie Foster  (Canada – Japan) during the 2015 Movment Festival in Detroit Michigan. We opened for the lengendary Alexander Robotnick (Problèmes D’Amour’ ) at Tina Nelsons infamous Vinyl Party, as well we played back to back sets at the well known House Gallery Memorial Day party […]

DJ Cavem lays down organic roots

[media-credit id=23 align=”alignnone” width=”600″][/media-credit] It’s fitting that DJ Cavem Moetavation performed two times at Auraria last week, considering he released The Teacher’s Lounge in Spring 2011. Born with the name Ietef Hotep Vita, DJ Cavem Moetavation is now an O.G. — Organic Gardener, that is. He shared the Tivoli Turnhalle stage with Harvard professor and […]

ZetaKaye House promotes home

Although John Baxter isn’t a fan of the word “promotion,” it’s what he does every day. In September 2010, Baxter took his straightforward band management project, ZetaKaye House, to the next level and started hosting shows around town. Then, with a little help from his wife, Kim, he put out the first volume of the “This Ain’t No Cowtown” compilation and followed it up with a month-long residency at Lost Lake. Now, the Baxter’s are prepping the second volume for release in August.

Queenz of hip hop breaking it down underground

They popped to the hard beats, grooved to the house music and battled like men on the front line — and one of them did it with red lipstick. Sigi’s Cabaret, in the Tivoli, became ladies’ night March 5 — but the boys still came out. Under the dim lighting, girls from all over the […]

That’s my DJ: Cavem Moetavation

DJ Cavem Moetavation has been making beats since the age of five and the self-described “artivist” can often be heard playing at Auraria during campus functions. Cavem is the people’s DJ. But this organic gardener cares more about building community, young peoples’ minds and education than the typical DJ. He described his type of music […]

Local man demonstrates the versatile power of poetry

On any given Wednesday night, the Déjà Vu Poetry Lounge inside Twisted Olive at Northfield will be packed. They will sit at their dark tables, anxiously waiting to hear the inner most feelings and perceptions of the world from Gregg “Reality” Delaney, the Deadly Pens or any of the other artists that frequent the show.

Five Underground Emcees You Should Know: Devin The Dude

Five Underground Emcees You Should Know: Devin The Dude

As a child of the 1980s and life-long fan of hip-hop, I have compiled a list of the top five emcees who never achieved what their talent and potential should demand. The Metropolitan continues to count down my top five selections this week, with number three, Devin The Dude.

Judging an artist by lyrical ability, natural talent, cleverness, original content, rhyme pattern and delivery, many artists who possess these superior emcee qualities should ascend to the commercial success that would mirror their natural ability, but often they don’t.