Roadrunner track and field competitive at Potts Invitational

Roadrunner track and field competitive at Potts Invitational

The Roadrunner women’s and men’s track and field teams competed in Boulder at the Potts Invitational Jan. 16. Head coach Nick Maas weighed in with a question and answer on the meet. Q: How do you feel the team did overall? A: This meet was a good chance for us to get our younger runners […]

Welcome back, Mr. President

Welcome back, Mr. President

Election 2012 left Colorado seeing blue and green. After a week packed with statewide campaign stops from both presidential candidates, Colorado voters swung to the left of the spectrum and sent their nine electoral votes to President Barack Obama. As a whole, the state moved toward Obama’s former slogan of “change,” with voters approving all […]

Swimming dives into season

The Metro club swimming and diving team looks forward to a promising season this year, with 12 swimmers return to the club sport.

Panel discusses pros, cons of educator evaluation bill

The Tivoli tower was abuzz the night of Aug. 25, as politicians and educators came together to discuss Colorado State Senate Bill 10-191, the educator effectiveness bill, in an open forum discussion.

Hearty hello to you, cranky goodbye to St. George

Welcome back!

Especially to those of you whose “final” semester — prior to the Grail of graduation — may have been five, six or more years in the making. Yours was not a bumpless ride with classes serving as occasional interruptions from goofing, in various states of sobriety. It’s well-known that many Metro — and UCD and CCD — students work more than one job to pay the freight and may have families to look after. Sans the spiffy cars that cost lots more than those driven by faculty, as do undergrads elsewhere (CU-Boulder maybe?), a lot of you ride RTD and enjoy the mixed blessing of living at home with your folks.