Athletics department launches rewards app, SuperFanU

The MSU Denver athletics department announced the addition of a free app to their Roadrunner Rewards program.

MSU Denver’s very own Rowdy the Roadrunner . Photo by Michael Ortiz|

The app, officially called SuperFanU MSU Denver Roadrunner Rewards, is an easy-to-use portal into the Roadrunner Rewards program. It offers students, fans and users a variety of MSU Denver-oriented benefits. It is named for the platform it is built on, SuperFanU, which has created similar apps for more than 50 universities, including Colorado State University, Clemson University and University of Michigan.

Per the company’s website, “SuperFan was born from necessity to help schools connect with their fans, find out who their fans truly are, engage and reward them, and provide schools with data they never had before to help them market smarter.”

Much like a grocery store rewards card, users earn points toward various rewards by doing things like checking in at sporting events throughout the season, interacting with MSU Denver athletics on social media within the app and even simply signing up for the app. Some of the rewards include MSU Denver clothing, merchandise, lanyards, tumblers and unique athletics experiences. They even offer drawings for a $250 textbook scholarship and a month-long parking pass.

MSU Denver senior Jordan Roland thinks the app is a great way for fans to earn rewards.

“I think it’s something that I would use,” Roland said. “I like to go to sporting events, so I’m going to try to redeem as many points as possible because I definitely want a t-shirt or a hat, or something like that. It’s very creative.”

The app also serves as a great source of MSU Denver sports news. There will be seven tabs in the app that include news, video highlights, social, a gear store and even a rewards leaderboard tab where users can check how they rank against other fans. MSU Denver Associate Athletic Director John Kietzmann thinks it’s a move in the right direction for Roadrunner Rewards.

“You now have the ability to earn points for tweeting and posting on Facebook when at an event,” Kietzmann said. “You can also watch highlight videos, get the news and shop for Roadrunners gear directly from the app. That is all on top of being able to check in at events directly from your device based on GPS technology. It really is a major upgrade to what has always been a great program for us.”

The app, which is available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, isn’t the only way to sign up for the Roadrunner Rewards program. Students can visit to sign up through the online portal, and can also view a list of some of the various prizes and how many points they need to accrue to earn them.

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