“Misery” in Denver

Emma Messenger and Rick Yaconis in “Misery” at The Edge Theater Company. Photo credit: RDG Photography

Paul Sheldon was lucky” those are the first words in Stephen King’s classic horror book Misery. If you have read the book then you full well know that Paul Sheldon was in fact not a lucky man.

The fictional story follows the gruesome tale of author Paul Sheldon as he gets in a car accident in the Colorado mountains. He is rescued and nursed back to health by his number one fan, Annie Wilkes. After nursing him back to health though Annie is not ready to let Sheldon go. She holds him hostage in her cabin for months.

The classic story was first made into a film in 1990 and then adapted of the stage in 2015. This tale of horror and unsettling humor is so perfect for the stage it makes one wonder what took it so long to get there.

The regional premiere of “Misery” is currently playing at The Edge Theater Company. This production directed by Warren Sherrill is just as horrifying, unnerving and satisfying as the book.

Rick Yaconis, the Edge’s Executive and Artistic Director, takes on the role of Paul Sheldon and is a portrays a sense of fear and confidence at the same time. You can see that he is scared for his life yet at the same time is constantly trying to plan an escape.

Taking on the loving, caring and insane role of Annie Wilkes is local theatre star Emma Messenger. Wilkes is a hard character to play. Although she clearly is crazy, she also has to pull sympathy for herself from the audience. Messenger does that and more!

Messenger is the thrill behind the shrill in this production. Her dry comedic timing paired with the unsettling situations that her character creates makes you look away and laugh at the same time.

In its translation to the stage “Misery” is the horror hit that the world has come to expect and love. If you enjoy drinking mop water, being hit with a typewriter over the head or  breaking ankles then this is the summer show for you.

Emma Messenger and Rick Yaconis in “Misery” at The Edge Theater Company. Photo credit: RDG Photography



“Misery” is now playing at The Edge Theater Company. Directed by Warren Sherrill. Staring: Emma Messenger and Rick Yaconis. Through May 21. For tickets visit theedgetheater.com.


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