The Evil Within 2 PS4 Review

Say Cheese!

The main character Sebastian searches for a safe way into the movie theater














Growing up, yes another growing up intro, I was terrified by my imagination at night time. My bedroom was at the corner of the house which provided two windows with thinly blue curtains. Outside my bedroom was a lonely street light with a flickering Edison light bulb. Alone at night time I would build a protective wall of stuffed animals, you know to protect me from bats, burglars and lost drunks who thought my front porch was their home. The drunk was there one morning, he even dumped out my mother’s soil from a potted plant to use as a pillow. One night my awesome parents took me to see The Twilight Zone: The Movie, I might have been four-years-old when I saw Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks driving at night in a 84′ Buick Regal. This was in the first five minutes of the movie. Aykroyd tells Brooks to pull over…..All I remember is hearing “Do you want to see something scary”, followed sharply by my terrifying scream. I had to sit in the movie theater for two hours with my eyes closed.

If the Twilight Zone was a video game, it would be called The Evil Within. The sickly talented team Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks gives birth to The Evil Within 2. This time around taking photographs could end your life! A more horrifying tell of endless creeps and scares. A game that sends chills up your arms from the unsettling giggles echoing from the PS4 controller. Alone in a dark room at night time, might make you want to sleep with the lights on.




Already 13 hours and the chaos is beautiful. Scares are at an all time high. The controlling and scrolling through menus is easier this time around. Sebastian abilities are a bit faster even when he runs out of stamina. The eye porn of puzzles beaming through out the chapter levels are beautiful and challenging. While the game play is still linear, TEW2 opens the linear world to feel like an open world.


The Bad

While playing through the nightmare difficulty (highest level of difficulty to start out on) it may not be as challenging as one might want it to be. Being detected while hiding or in hide mode is utterly impossible at times and hiding in bushes can be nearly impossible to see enemies. Make sure you scavenge each level. I have not been able to backtrack levels yet.


The Hope

There is more downloadable content while waiting between game releases.



If being frightened is your cup of tea, then buy this game. The replay value is semi-high.

4.50/5 stars

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