The Daily Met – 11.4.16

The Daily Met is the student run morning news show for the MSU Denver Roadrunners. A commentary playground of latest, trending topics in news.


When I stopped into Dunkin Donuts yesterday, I was greeted by a terrible surprise when the cashier handed me my hot chocolate in their new holiday cup. There was no Christmas motif, no red and green, and not a seasonal snowflake to be found. It was just the Dunkin Donuts logo and a picture of notorious atheist Richard Dawkins giving me the finger. I asked to speak to the manager immediately. - Above Average
I Voted

2016 Election Briefs from the Economist and reflections from our panelists.

Singer Sheryl Crow is calling for a shorter presidential election cycle, after what she described as an “extremely damaging” 2016 campaign. - Time Magazine

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