Concert: Hip-Hop artist Grieves at the Bluebird

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Music filled the air around the Bluebird Theater Sunday night as hip-hop artist Grieves performed for a second night. Many fans filled the concert venue around 10:30 p.m. as the last opening act finished. By 11:10 puffs of smoke rose from dark corners across the venue and the smell of marijuana permeated the room, although not overbearing, like the music.

Grieves started his show by chatting with the audience, gauging his fans. The mob at the front was ready to vibe and Grieves brought the sounds.

“Now tell me how you feel it,” he sang as the crowd roared. Much of the material on his latest release, Running Wild, is refined and much more well rounded when it comes to genres. “Boop Bop Da Willy Willy,” was a crowd favorite. Many cheered and danced, “We getting drunk and stabbing close to the speakers. Dancing like somebody pissed in both of my sneakers.

More than once did Grieves have the crowds hands in the air and dancing along to a mix of reggae, funk and rock songs.

Grieves started rapping in 2007 when he released the album Irreversible. It wasn’t a critical success but the album offered Grieves a chance to tour with many artists including Macklemore and Atmosphere. In 2011 he released the album Together/Apart on the independent hop-hop label Rhymesayers which did earn the rapper some buzz. The Album hit #1 on Billboard’s Heatseeker’s Chart and peaked #57 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

His latest release, Running Wild dropped Aug. 25 and he is currently on tour till Nov. 25. This is not the first time Grieves has been to Denver and its definitely not the last. Check him out.






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