Body acceptance out in public

The issue of body acceptance is an ongoing problem. Although there is more rhetoric than ever about loving and valuing oneself in the last couple of years, men and women still struggle with the message that they are not pretty enough or skinny enough.

“Body Logs” is a new two part healing process that strives to help women overcome these issues and accept their bodies for what they are.

Body Logs

‘Body Logs’ is new theraputic show about body acceptance and loving oneself. Photo Credit: Inspirational Eve

Body Logs is more than a theatrical piece about body acceptance, it is a therapeutic process. Started by Eve Parker, this five month experience helps women view themselves in a health conscious way. After months of coaching and work the women write monologues about their acceptance issues and their attitudes now.

The show’s format is simple. Each person in the group has written their own monologue that speaks to the issues they have faced, the consequences and where they are now. The monologues are woven together with banter and group observations. The topics include drug abuse, sexual abuse, weight issues and the effects of childbirth.

The performance aspect of the show is the “firewalk” for these women. It is their chance to publicly state issues they have faced and their feelings today. This completes the therapy process and ends their journey.

Director and Life Coach, Eve Parker, said that she has always been fascinated by the body.

“The fact that your heart is beating, your eyes are blinking and your stomach is digesting the food you ate, and you don’t have to ask it to, is amazing,” Parker said.

Parker started this endeavour after interviewing women all over the country and discovering that many faced body issues.

By no means should the show be viewed as fully flushed out and developed. But for the seven women involved, it’s a victory lap to publicly show that they accept who they are.

There is power in public statement. The women’s vulnerability and bravery is heartwarming and motivational. The hope is for everyone to walk out feeling empowered and more accepted.

For now Parker plans on producing a “Body Logs” show every year with new women, and maybe men, and spread the word of body acceptance.

The show and concept is still in early stages of format and layout.  When you strip away the theatrical aspects of the show, and view it as a healing experience for women, it becomes a heartfelt night.

Ticket Information:

“Body Logs” is now playing at The Clocktower Cabaret, 1601 Arapahoe St, Denver, CO 80202, CO. Directed by Eve Parker. Through Sept 19. Tickets start at $25. For tickets visit or 303-293-0075


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