Beth Ditto’s Debut Album ‘Fake Sugar’ Available Now

Beth Ditto Album Review

Beth Ditto raising eyebrows and onto the charts with her solo album ‘Fake Sugar.’ The new sound brings back her southern roots along with occasional pop hooks. Her raw vocals entices the listener to hear all that she can do with that wide ranged voice.

Some themes in the album include heartbreak and despair from her recent divorce. Also, another great theme that Ditto features in this album, is the feeling of being okay with who she is and being in love with her fire personality.

In songs like “Fire” and “In and Out” Ditto provides a smooth repetitive bassline to contrast against her roaring vocals.

She slows things down with songs like “Love in Real Life” and “Lover.” These really portray her desire and experience with the details of love. In her song “Lover” the lyrics are:

But you’re carrying on with guilty pleasures was I not enough? I’m not entirely sure if you’re aware of what you’re giving up.

Bringing back southern roots seems to be a trend from in music at the moment. Similar to pop stars like Lady GaGa with the release of ‘Joanne’ which was released late 2016. Although, Beth Ditto’s new album is alternative, the silky smooth weightless rhythm in title track “Fake Sugar” hits her southern roots. This album gives a hint of her capability to create magical harmonies with an upbeat chorus.

Many listeners have described her music as similar to the Adele heartbreak. Some say she even has the stage presence of Lady GaGa. Ditto has the powerhouse vocals to pull off these comparisons. 

Love, Heartbreak, and desire for love is something so many can relate to and Ditto shines light into her own personal experiences. The song “Do You Want Me To” has a lot of darker melodies similar to her previous EP. Similarly, the collection also featured some 80’s synth tones.

Ditto isn’t playing it safe on her new song “We Could Run.” In her somber yet belting vocals she discusses moments that weren’t meant to last. Her rock influences and southern roots with a soaring range create the perfect intro to her first album as a solo artist. She will be headlining the Bluebird Theatre July 21st!

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Author: Gabriel Gutierrez

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