2016 Colorado Weather in Review

It’s the end of 2016 and we saw a wide array of wild weather here in Colorado this year.  For starters, the warmest day in 2016 was July 9 with a temperature of 102°.  Our coldest day was on December 17 with a high of -15°.

The beginning of 2016 started off on a snowy note.  At the beginning of February, the Denver metro area saw roughly 10″ of the white stuff.

Feb 2, 2016 Snow in Thornton, CO Credit: Josh Cozart

Not only did Colorado see some great snow totals through January and February, but also some spectacular sunsets that fit perfectly for Valentines Day up in the high country.

RMNP Sunrise Feb 14, 2016

The winter snow showers that lasted into spring helped to jump start the campus flowers towards the beginning of March.

Auraria Campus March Flowers
Credit: Josh Cozart

Unfortanently, for warm weather lovers, the spring flowers were just a tease as a near record-breaking snowstorm moved over the Front Range in late March.  Denver officially saw 19.5″ of snow on March 23, 2016, making the list as one of Denver’s biggest snowfall events.

March Blizzard of 2016 Credit: Josh Cozart

Just as winter moved out, spring set into The Mile High City.  The views in the high country were truly spectacular as warm weather started to melt the winter snow off the mountains.

RMNP Spring Snow
Credit: Josh Cozart

As the ground started to warm over the Front Range, that helped to spark some pretty amazing cloud formations.  As the storms built over the mountains and then pushed out over the plains we saw everything from lightning to some very ominous, low-lying clouds.  We’ll leave you with just a few of those shots taken over the spring and summer months.

Summer Storm 2016
Credit: Josh Cozart

Anvil Cloud 2016
Credit: Josh Cozart

Front Range Lightning
Credit: Josh Cozart

As temperatures started to cool and the sun started to sit lower in the sky the trees in the mountains really started to show their true colors.

Auraria Campus Fall Trees
Credit: Josh Cozart

Colorado Fall
Credit: Josh Cozart

As soon as the trees lost all their leaves and winter returned, Denver saw it’s first snowfall of the season very late, almost breaking the record for the latest snowfall.  The Mile High City saw its first snowfall of the new winter season on November 17, 2016.

Denver Snow November 2016
Credit: Josh Cozart

What does 2017 have to hold for us as far as weather goes?  Only time will tell.  Be sure to stay weather aware this upcoming year.

For The Met Report – Student Meteorologist Josh Cozart

Author: Josh Cozart

Josh Cozart has been an employee of The Met Report since the fall of 2013. He has worked many different jobs while at Met Media which includes four years as the Weather Producer and two years as the General Manger of the award winning student-run newscast. Josh continues to volunteer his time at The Met Report while also working at WeatherNation TV as a producer and on-air forecaster.

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