‘Noises Off’ gets it perfect at Lake Dillon

A first for anything can be special. You want the first time to be perfect and always stand out in your memory. “Noises Off” at Lake Dillon Theatre Company was my first time seeing the ultimate farce and I would not have wanted it any other way.

This show was truly a side splitter. This 1980s farce by English playwright Michael Frayn shows the drama, issues and problems that arise when a touring company puts on the fictional play “Nothing On,” which is also a farce.

Farce is one of the oldest and most used forms of comedy. It is comedy that goes wrong. Think of slamming doors, people missing each other, or miscommunication at its best. Farce has become a popular style of comedy more recently in TV with programs like “Modern Family” and “Life In “Pieces.”

Noises off

Lake Dillon’s production of this classic work was spot on. The comedy was perfectly executed, the dialogue was flawless and the set was a masterpiece.

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The cast of blindly hopeless actors is led by the “Nothing On” director, Lloyd Dallas played by Chris Alleman. His portrayal of the frustrated director is so relatable that anyone who has worked with a frustrating group can feel his pain.

Amy Jo Jackson, Brittany Jeffery, Missy Moore and Sharon Kay White pack a killer punch as the women of this incredible cast. They play a wide array of mixed up characters from the aging actress, the ditzy blond to the crazy girlfriend. When they all get together in the same scene it is pure magic.

The men of the show pulled out all the stops as well. George Colligan, Brett Figel, Bob Moore and Jeff Ronan put on one hell of a show by being the completely clueless and jealous men.

Ticket Info:

“Noises Off” **** (out of four stars)

Comedy. Presented by Lake dillon Theatre Company, at the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center, 460 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne, CO 80498. Directed by Wendy S. Moore. Through Sept 24th. 3 hours, two intermissions. $29-$42.970.513.9386 or www.lakedillontheatre.org

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