Trumpster Fire 2017

TrumpsterOf all the catchy click-bait headlines I have read about the Trump campaign only one stayed with me long after reading it: Trumpster Fire. Finally someone out there put everything I had ever learned or felt about Trump over the last few months and most likely the next four years, into something bumper sticker worthy. The headline rang more of an era than a single story. I imagined telling my grandchildren about the Trumpster Fire of O-17 and how we all had to stock up on gluten free canned-goods and Smart Water. Now that I had been given the words to express this part of our journey, I wanted to capture this era visually. I was quickly reminded of former president Obama’s Hope poster and what it meant for that era and that cultural, political movement, how so much was summed up in so little. With this work I attempted to do the same, and make something that people could look back on and say “Yeah, that about sums it up”. By artist Raquib Hakeem “Hawk”

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