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about Public Opinion on the Scarlet Letter, unfair punishment, the Colorado State Patrol recently talked about

The Scarlet Letter

Recently, the Colorado State Patrol asked the public for its opinion. Should convicted DUI drivers be required to attach Special Plates to their cars so that other drivers know? Forty percent of those who responded said that any DUI conviction, even DUIs that weren’t involved in collisions, should require that plate. Then of course, the State Patrol let us off the hook. It’s not really being considered. Nope, it’s just to make drivers think about the consequences of their actions. Oh really?

I bet that’s how it got started in Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota and Oregon as well. It was just an idea to see how people would feel about those pesky DUI drivers. And, apparently, enough of the public felt that those drivers were worthy of Special Plates. Sounds good in theory but is it good in practice, ever, to single out one group of people? Because we all know that once it starts, the ball doesn’t just stop. Because a law isn’t fair if it isn’t fairly applied to all, why stop at DUI drivers who aren’t the only ones causing wrecks?

In fact, how about that? If you’ve caused a collision (for example: backing in to, or rear-ending) you deserve a Special Plate. You are clearly dangerous, especially if you’ve done it more than once. How about multiple speeding tickets? You’ve driven the freeways like raceways before; your first ticket is only the first time you’ve been caught. You are a risky individual. What about car thieves? Granted, my car is economy, all the way, but it’s important to me that I know the driver of the car next to me is, or was, a car thief. Kidnapping, transporting guns or cigarettes across state lines? How about vehicular homicide or manslaughter, in fact, just a conviction of the attempt? Sign them up for Special Plates too. Who doesn’t want to know that the driver one car over uses cars like battering rams? Distracted driving (cellphone use, GPS, applying make-up, shaving, singing to the radio, eating)? Special Plates! No seatbelt citation? Special Plates! Ran a red light or a stop sign? Special Plates!

Think of it as an Oprah Winfrey show. You get a plate and you get a plate and you get a plate! Everyone gets a plate!!

So that 40% should probably take a look at their driving records, cause they aren’t spotless.


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