The Old Broad Speaks

Hey, Denver Drivers, what’s the deal?

I’m a transplant so maybe that’s why I don’t understand but, in every other city that I’ve driven in, pedestrians are out there and motorists drive accordingly. But not here in Denver. Oh no. Apparently, a pedestrian is a nuisance afforded the same concern as a bug splattered on the windshield. This is the only city I’ve been in where drivers honk at me cause I, foolishly, let pedestrians cross in front of me without urging them along with the car bumper. And no, by honking I don’t mean a friendly toot-toot, like, “Hey I think maybe you forgot to drive” but the angry laying-on of the horn that signals “Hey! The light is green. The pedestrian forfeits life, limb, whatever. Just GO!” And I’m not the only one who’s noticed this. Before 2016 had ended, more Denver pedestrians (and cyclists) were killed than in the full year of 2015. Even worse, we rank in the top ten cities with the worst drivers based on the amount of tickets issued (obviously missing from this total are those hit-and-run escapades, and parking lot fender-benders that offenders slink away from, meaning that our driving is even more poor than is reported).

Frankly, Denver, I’m shocked. How can a place inhabited by people who enjoy life to the fullest be the same city of individuals who get angry at me because I have qualms about smearing people beneath my car?

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  1. JR  July 15, 2017 at 5:09 am

    Hooooooooonk!!!! Go Old Broad!!!!

    Seriously though, my friend was attacked and punched in the face because she didn’t go while allowing a pedestrian to cross the street. Smh


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